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Which Gameboy game shall playthru shall i do?

Alright i’ll have a poll of what games i should do between 3 (2 are rom hacks and 1 is regular). I’ll be doing this on a real gameboy console. (i could show this via trading. Which gameboy emulators Can NOT do.) i know how to import rom hacks into game cartridge of the game. (Virtual consoles would not allow me to import my gen 4 pokemon in pokemon platinum etc so yeah)


What gameboy game should i play:
  • LeafGreen Nuzlocke
  • Radical Red (regular)
  • Radical Red (Easy Nuzlocke)
  • Blazing Emerald (Regular or Nuzlocke)

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Let me explain:
Leaf Green- Regular nuzlocke (plus the rules. - 1 enc per route, pokemon release if faint, etc)

Radical Red (Regular) Just a regular Playthrough

Radical Red (Easy Nuzlocke) Reg nuzlocke rules- If a pokemon faints no more then 15 times then i MUST release it). (info on why later)

Blazing Emerald (Regular or Nuzlocke) - Supposed to be hard version of emerald.

Ok let me explain the rom hacks.

Radical Red- ONE OF THE HARDEST rom hacks out there nutorius for completely destroying new users of a fun time. Now they have to take the time to invest in EVs & items plus really take strategy’s into account like hazards etc. It does have pokemon up to generation 8, Mega evolution, Gigantimax/Dynamax + Up to Generation 8 moves.

Blazing Emerald- A hard rom hack of emerald with Fakemon, New “Hoennian” Forms and up to gen 8. (plus all the stuff about radical red) Starters changed to Clefariy, Pikachu, Eevee as well as updated move pools & stats for most pokemon. Including the three starters.

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If 10 people vote for radical red Nuzlocke (i’ll do regular nuzlocke :sob:)

I’m doing a poll for my starter
here is:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Squirtle
  • Charmander

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@PeterHolmes74 @one_above_all @IndianAnimator @ezlaturbo (for the poll its gonna close quick)

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12 minutes for votes anyone else cast their ballets unless tie ;-;

looks like no more votes so i will do a coin flip on google.
Tails for Bulbasaur
Heads for Squirtle

Its heads, Squirtle is my startere!