Which boss trainer gave you the most trouble? (Spoilers to upcoming fights)

yeah its almost like you need to be over leveled. because you need like level 75’s to have it be easier

All my mons were below level 50 when I went up against taen’s final battle. It took me 3 times to beat him. Besides that, I never lost

How were your pokemon that low leveled?

Because a proper team doesn’t need to be that high of a level

I didn’t say how did he beat Tean, I said how were his pokeon that low leveled.

Xavier, Orion, Audrey with Kyogre and that’s really it. Everything other than Audrey didn’t give me trouble once I got the secret base. I alays grinded up hard before every gym.

If you don’t touch the level trainer at all and just build properly I can see it happening. Gym Leaders are easy if you predict right or already know their rosters - beyond that I’d say the hardest battle is probably 2nd Nora fight or 2nd Audrey fight and the former is only hard if you weren’t expecting something difficult that early in the game, the latter you can easily beat the first time in the same fashion as you handle gym leaders. Everyone else that isn’t final battle Taen is easily steamrolled, usually through strength in numbers; once you know Taen’s Pokemon, it becomes less of a battle and more of a puzzle to figure out what strategies are ideal for countering his.

My team was really low level because: 1.I switched my team members a lot 2.I never used the level trainer 3.My goodra ate up a ton of exp

And I didn’t see so much of a reason to grind, I always strategized for a team that had double or triple coverage against any type, so even with a very low level, I didn’t run into much trouble until taen.

Audrey battle #2 gave me trouble because of Kyogre’s Origin Pulse. Had to catch a pokemon with Storm drain and teach it

I think you mean Audrey

There weren’t any really hard battles for me. The hardest was probably Taen since I like to keep my Pokemon a bit under-leveled for a challenge.

yall r trash, i am on challenge hard mode and i didn’t lose to a single trainer with using only an eevee and a lucario

I never had a lot of trouble whit battles because every time i get a badge i level whit audino but battling
the elite four was really difficult (not rematches) because their level was same as my highest.

I have a top 5 in hardest battles. 5 being the least bad, to 1 wanting to make me tear my hair out.

5:2nd Nora Battle. (Her only real threat for me was her Celebi)

4:East (Mega Altaria and Kingdra were a pain in the ass)

3: Audrey (Primal Kyogre. Need I say more?)

2: Nyx (Mega Kangeskhan in an Inverse battle…Dear God why.)

1: Reukra (Just…why. why does he have an Armored Delta Volcarona with no Weakness, a Shadow Mewtwo, and an Armored Tyranitar with Dragon Dance. All three of these were the bane of my existence)

I swept the entire game with venusaur but I made a post recently about the most challenging fight I’ve had, the leader of the infernal cult, all of his mons resisted venusaur so I had to come some contrived set up to win with a team of level 50 pokemon and a level 80 venusaur