Which boss trainer gave you the most trouble? (Spoilers to upcoming fights)

By Boss Trainer I mean Rival battle, Gym Leader and Cult Leader. For me, everyone aside from Taen 2, The ghost prophet, most of the rival battles and Anastasia gave me a hard time. This is especially true for East, who you fight without a place to heal, Audrey and her Kyogre and Xavier in general.

A Caterpie that rekt my Deoxys in a Randomizer :sweat_smile:
Otherwise, none.

Lol. I’ve never done a randomizer. Or… any special playthrough. It’s pretty much been just standard pokemon playthroughs for me.

Audrey’s Kyogre was extremely difficult.

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I didn’t have much trouble in mine. I lost to East beacuse I had no place to heal, to Audrey in the whirl islands, to Diana (Twice). Otherwise I can’t remember losing any battles.

Most of them I haven’t lost to either, but I was close to it. I’m not the most “knowledgable” person when it comes to pokemon, so I make a lot of mistakes and tend to overestimate and underestimate things.

I did make the mistake of battling Jaern on easy mode (I had taken it there to try and beat east with a damaged team. I failed and forgot to turn it back). Fun fact: It’s actually harder.

You mean harder on easy mode? I know he doesn’t mega evolve on easy Iirc, all he knows in normal mode is dragon ascent, and he spams it till everyone dies. A good ice type wrecks him though. (Deltavoir is bae)

If you have a pokemon that resists dragon ascent well you’re set. Otherwise it gets loads of other moves that wreck. My delta gardevoir was oneshot by earthquake, and it ended up with me desperatly reviving my aerodactyl and swampert to rock slide it into oblivion

Yikes. I guess sometimes swallowing your pride, being a wimpy jobber and going easy mode is a bad thing huh? (no offense) I’d say the worst experience with an individual pokemon were Diana’s Gothitelle and Cresselia. I made a horrible gamble and decided to have Rolonets (my Golem) use explosion on Mega Gothielle with the intention of bringing what I thought was her ace to low health, or maybe even take her out. Then Ethereal Shroud happened Then I was left to fend off against that and her Cresselia in a slow painful battle of attrition.

Yeah, those were the two I had trouble with. My volcarona didn’t pack enough punch, I can’t remember if it even knew bug buzz yet. It was horrible

Hard mode. Second Nora battle and Xavier were the only ones I had any major difficulty with. The game gives you early access to pretty decent Pokemon, and by about halfway through you’ve access to the Audino trainer, EV training (and power items), egg moves (along with Oval Charm and the step-reducing guy in Vipik city), and unless you picked Delta Squirtle, a totally overpowered mega evo.

I never had much trouble with Xavier, don’t know why. For the nora battle in metchi town it ended up with me just going there a second time and sweeping her with my overleveled delta charmeleon. In the first one I didn’t get past honedge.

I haven’t done hard mode yet. And given my performance in normal mode, I won’t for some time. How different is it difficulty-wise? Any different pokemon or set up? Or is it just levels?

Let’s just say that there is a mega rayquaza with V-create

You can check the wiki for difficulty differences.

3-5 levels higher, pokemon get better movesets, they get better ivs, they get ev investment. There’s also a level cap on your pokemon, so they can’t be levelled any higher than that of your opponent.

for east i used the pc glitch. put the pokemon that need healed in the pc then bam. healed. my hardest was Audrey for the 1st time. after that lvl 73 mega delta charizard won it for me.

The ONLY one that i had trouble with (i was surprised when i did the mega rayquaza in one go) was Audrey before the spoiler thing happens with kyogre. i lost that fight like 20 times for some reason.