Which berry for my tropius?

Same tropius from this post Getting a Tropius - Online / Trading - The Pokemon Insurgence Forums (p-insurgence.com)
I don’t know which berry is best for my tropius but right now I have four candidates: Enigma berry, chesto berry, Iapapa berry or sitrus berry?

I’m ok with redoing the moveset to reflect the changes in my tropius. If enigma berry, tropius’s many weaknesses will be targeted but is the AI smart enough to not target them? If Iapapa berry, I read somewhere that a pokemon eating a berry with a flavour that they like will make them raise that stat. It’s deja vu, I think I’ve read it but I can’t find it anymore. Is this true? Chesto berry is for removing status conditions that are going to badly affect my tropius and also for reliable HP recovery. Sitrus berry is a classic.

Alternatively I can go for one of the berries such as the custap berry + synthesis for epic healing, the kee berry for being a physical wall and the maranga berry for being a special wall.

What do you think?

edit: may I clarify that I plan on getting a Blaziken with speed boost so I can baton pass to my tropius?

definitely sitrus berry, the rest are too inconsistent. But if you manage to get to the battle frontier and wanna try something extra spicy you can use starf berry.