What was your first shiny

Good afternoon all. As the title states, I’m wondering what your first shiny you ever encountered was. For me, it was a shiny starmie (that I accidentally ran away from) in Pokemon X. In Insurgence one of the first times I ever went fishing, I caught a Shiny Magikarp. It’s now one of my heavy hitters as a red Gyarados

Still never found one :cry:

A shiny wurmple in Ruby for me! It evolved into dustox. :^)

And I found a shiny grimer in an insurgence randomizer about two weeks ago.

My first was a shiny Tangela. I named him Emerald.

Red Gyarados in Gold version.

First non-scripted shiny was a Gligar in Gold. Despite being unable to put the game down as a child, Gligar remains the only shiny that I found randomly in the wild on that game cartridge.

Keep searching, you’re bound to find one eventually!

I’ve found one that belongs to the EV trainer, does that count?

Well encountered doesn’t necessarily mean catchable, so I suppose it does. Out of curiosity, is it the same one every time? As far as I know, she doesn’t have any shinies in my game. Then again, I’ve only seen her three geodudes for Defense so far.

Every pokemon, wild or trainer, has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. In my case, it was the Machop for attack.

Hahahaha cow very funny/s

cyndaquil in silver.

I’m serious lol. Never found a wild shiny in any game, including insurgence

lol so all were bought?

I mean some of them I partially earned but all were traded

after 5 generations i found a shiny Foongus in pokemon black 2

Shiny zubat in pokemon emerald. Then I realized that I had no pokeballs.

TWO shiny doduo’s in the safari zone of Pokemon sapphire. In a row, no joke. I caught the first one because i thought it was a weird colour (i wasn’t aware of shiny pokemon really at the time and also didn’t see its sparkly animation as it entered). It went to my PC and just accepted it was probably basic. Then i kept looking and the next encounter was another weird colored doduo. I saw the sparkles that time though and caught it too. Looked in my PC and there were two shiny doduos next to each other. Never seen one since.

a random shiny kakuna in hgss. lost it and the cartridge it came on so the one i still have would be a shiny lanturn from bw

Ouch…that seriously sucks. That’s as bad as my buddy. He encountered a shiny poochyena before he even had pokeballs or a starter. I think it was the poochyena from the beginning of Sapphire

I see. I suspected as much. I meant, do you see a shiny Machop every time you train attack EV’s with her? Or was it just that one?