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Wanting a spiritomb HA

Trading Name: RKKhris

Offer: IV stone

Request: A female HA spiritomb

Further info: I was thinking of make a semi Noctem team, so i want that siritomb to be my seter (and future mega) and evolve my haunter to battle in the gym wiht a lot more power force , cause i’m in hard mode so yea, that’s it

(Edit):The chat below was only for the haunter evolving issue,
for now it is only the spiritomb I want

Edit2: I have the spiritomb from other method already
thanks for all who help here

I don’t have a Spiritomb, but I can help you on evolving your Haunter if you want.

Oh, like I’ve wanted to make the 2 at same time to be more fast and direct, you can capture one noctem female spiritomb in your game?

I was going to say that I can’t since I still don’t have access to the Dream Realm, but I just found a Friend Safari that might have what you are looking for, I’ll get back to you if I’m lucky.

OK, Thanks for the help

Well, heck, I need 2 more badges in order to get a Spiritomb. Sadly I won’t be able to help on that part of your request.

Oh… well, you know someone who can help me in this?
if you dont know i just happy wiht the evo

Sadly, I don’t. So sorry for this…
Well, if I can’t help you with that, I can at least equip your Haunter with something you don’t have access to yet. Would you like a Life Orb or something along those lines? I have acess to a lot of competitive items at this point in the game.
My trade name is TailsFx.

Actualy yes, a life orb wuold be a huge UP in my team
I will give you a rare candy for this, is good?

Ok, this is really embarrassing. I confused the Toxic Orb for the Life Orb and… yeah…
Just save yourself that rare candy, dude, I might as well do this for free considering how much of a mess it is. I’ll just give it a rocky helmet or something. Sorry about all of this :-;

Welp, this is a mess, let’s just trade already xD

Hahahha ,
Hold on a little bit

OK i’m good

Request has been sent.

he has the leftovers

Oh heck
Do I give it back to you now? Or do I give the leftovers back with another Pokemon?

you choose, i’m give you back the aromatise
wiht the rare candy

I made the request

I’ll be giving it back to you. Have a semi-perfect Spearow, I guess.

It is in waiting

Really? It said you exited the trade.
Let me send the request to you instead.