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Want some fusion suggestions

I wanna make a custom lucario shiny sprite but most my ideas so far have been pretty weak. so ive decided to create a fusion of lucario and some other pokemon. ive never done something like this and i want suggestions. please chose a pokemon with a similar body type to lucario (like dont ask me to fuse lucario and gyrados). i thought of zoroark but someone already did it lol
EDIT: i might be fusing other similar body type mons too so yeah you can put your suggestions here. Ill do it if its easy interesting


but maybe someother time when i wanna fuse some other pkmn


What about Machamp?

hmmm i could try that but i suck at drawing muscles and its a bit too big lol
i was thinking gallade cuz its somewhat the same body type and scythe arms are cool

here is my first fusion! any feedback is apreciated
gallade lucario



Aww its cute

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garde with?


ah. i might try it after mega gallucario

updated gallucario sprite! lmk if this one is better or worse
gallade lucario

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basically all i did was give it ears

I want this

use it if you want, i dont mind

Might be unrelated but

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its pretty cool ngl but its a bit too close to a recolor

Yeah i agree i also made non primal one which has the red kyorge markings.

i saw that. pretty cool stuff ngl

TY for now im only gonna make recolours.

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