Vipik City Gym on Hard Nuzlocke Rules

EDIT: I BEAT XAVIER. I only had to sack Magneton and Kadabra, however i was going to replace them with Lucario and D. Raltz anyways. I EV trained my excadrill till it hit 80 speed, something that somehow outsped Herocross. I set up to 4x attack with hone claws on D. Metang and rapid spun his stuff before he would infest me. D. Metang would drop, and Herocross would swap in, I EQ and kill it in 1 tap. Mega Beedril swaps in and i shit my pants, he drill runs and i EQ and kill it, barely surviving. Croagunk swaps in to try and sucker punch me but I swap into Azumaraill. I use play rough and it uses poison jab. I go down after it poison jabs and I heal up Excadrill in case i need it. I swap in my Excadrill, then my D. Charmeleon. I use confuse ray and thankfully it hits it self. Xavier swaps in Gengar and I swap in Magneton, Gengar uses Will-O-Wisp and I use thunder wave, this lets me hit it with flash cannon, first next turn, breaking the focus sash, and confirms Kadabra’s outspeed. Magneton dies to hex and kadabra swaps in. Tentacruel swaps in and i realize i can’t just sack Magneton, so i psybeam and kill it’s focus sash. D. Charmeleon comes in and confuse ray’s Tentacruel and I use my old strat.

I win, and take my 2 dead team members to the box, alongside a Haunter i hoped to mega evolve at one point, and a blitzle that got fucked in the trainer’s school

Hey, haven’t posted here for a while but I need help.
I’m attempting a full nuzlocke of the game, on hard mode with darker story on. Im currently stuck at the Vipik city gym and that damn Gengar Tentacruel and Mega Beedril.

My current plan is starting with Excadrill on the D. Metang. I use Hone Claws 3 times, then rapid spin, then 3 times again, rapid spin. And EQ after he heals. EZ free kill, no damage, that part is fine. Herocross goes in each time, so I stay in, bait the close combat and swap to D. Charmeleon, where I flame charge to gain speed and deal damage. He close combats one more time or swaps into Tentacruel. I confuse ray it and attempt to get a para on it for the HAX.

This is where the issues start. If i don’t get a para on it, it will often Mirror Coat me to death, or sludge bomb me if low. If i do get past it, im usually injured as the Mega Beedril comes in. With my fsater speed, i use confuse ray again and only need 2 hits of confusion, as it hurts itself for big damage. I use shadow ball and try to take it down.

I have done prob 30 attempts at this and it has only gotten to here twice.
After this it swaps into either Herocross or Gengar, usually Gengar. If it is gengar I try and confuse HAX one more time but it usually just goes for Will-O-Wisp into Hex, im considering just shadow balling the Gengar then swapping into Kadabra and using Psywave. Once Gengar is dead Croagunk would swap in to kill Kadabra with sucker punch, so I stay in and use reflect, recover, then disable and then Psybeam it to death as well. herocross comes in and Psywave one taps it (i already checks it does.)

I don’t know what to do with the team I have. Here is the team in case you need it
Send help

Sand Rush
Naughty Nature
No item
Hone Claws
Rock Slide
Rapid Spin
Earthquake (I cheated a bit and used a rare candy on normal to get EQ early, doesn’t change much as rock slide does more to metang anyways)

D. Charmeleon
Spirit Call
Quirky Nature
Spell Tag
Shadow Ball
Dragon Breath
Flame Charge
Confuse Ray

Focus Band
Naive Nature
Draining Kiss
Magical Leaf
Calm Mind

Quirky Nature
Huge Power
No Item
Aqua Ring
Play Rough
Aqua Tail

Lonely Nature
No Item
Thunder Shock
Metal Sound
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon

Lax Nature
Inner Focus
No Item

Wait, isnt the nuzlocke just over if you lose

They reset the attempt

if one pokemon dies I reset, its cheating but for this game im just trying to see how fucking difficult each fight is. Im planning on doing one after im done with this run with no resets

Excadrill sweeps, why are you switching it on Tentacruel? After Hone Claws, EQ should OHKO.

Herocross comes in and outspeeds Excadrill, and one taps with close combat, i tried to out speed and couldnt despite being over by 1 level and having 3 more speed in BST

Sorry if I missed it, but did you say your team was entirely EV trained? On Hard mode, enemy Pokemon have max IVs and EVs, which could explain Exca getting outsped.

ah thats what the missing link is IVS, no my pokemon are not EV trained as i can’t afford it at this point of the game
I would also need to buy an EV resetter as my IVS on my pokemon are fairly good.

Gentlemen Dun

Like Emerald said, fighting Gentleman Dun can net a fair amount of money per fight if you stick an Amulet Coin (Helios Dept. Store, top floor IIRC) on your lead Pokemon. As far as EV training goes, the Power items (Helios Dept. Store, 2nd floor) are found in the same place as the EV reducing Berries. Both of those items can make the process go a lot faster, and without the need to buy the EV Resetter if you don;t want it right away. The Berries are like $20/berry or something, and you need 11 to completely reduce a stat to 0 (again, IIRC).

Yeah EV training is a good idea. As is Jolly Nature.

i cant get any of those at this point of the game. That’s part of why im struggling at this fight

Ah, my bad. The next best solution I can think of would be trading in a Pokerus mon, otherwise you’d have to do things the old-fashioned way. You can also still fight Gent Dun and still make a decent amount of money, it’d just be slower without the Amulet Coin. Once you’ve beaten him enough times, money becomes much less of a limiting factor, so you could then buy the EV Resetter and maybe do some EV Training in your base. It’s going to be tedious, but it’ll make winning a much easier job. If my math is right, it costs $36400 for 252 EVs (from the EV Trainer). Gent Dun gives out $3600 per fight. So you can max one stat per every 10 fights.

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You can still EV train, it just takes longer. For the cheap method, there’s secret bases, for the fastest more expensive method there is the EV trainer.

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oh so thats my my pokemon were getting outsped by the stupid heracross and gengar…

so I tried to grind on him and simply put I can’t beat him, his lvl 50 serene grace dunsparce destroys my team. What do you think I should do?
Edit: Elder Clint Eastwood is easy with my Excadrill, earning me $2400 per fight.

G h o s t s

it has bite and rock slide.

I don’t know but you should reach the level cap. For the gym just keep trying at it with different items and setups. You’ll beat Xavier eventually

Worst case scenario you can always lower the difficulty.