Update pokédex

We all know there is a gap between #721 & #726 in the pokédex.

Some people have asked about this in the past, the reason being that pokémon were scrapped in development of this game.

Now, can we please update this after so long, that you can actually complete the full pokédex?
It would be great to a collector, like myself.

Maybe you could also tie a Shiny Charm/ Oval Charm with this, like in the other games.

Thanks in advance

Despite the missing numbers, it’s not impossible to complete the dex. And the Shiny Charm is still obtainable if you do complete the dex, you just gotta talk to Professor Sylvan to get it (Oval Charm is in the Helios Black Market). And at this point, the missing numbers aren’t likely to be filled, for reasons stated here.

My question was to patch this, that there is no gap.