"Uhhh... A little help here?"

I’ve played the game before, soo I know about some pokemons
but now, wiht the update, the buff on new moon weather, and aiming a new challenge,
i have created a team with the new moon on the hard difficult and thats my team members,
I will put a explanation on each menber in they sets:

Nox Caelum (Spiritomb) (M) @Spiritombite
EV: HP 252 / Defense 45 / SP.Attack 68 / SP.Defense 45
Nature: Sassy(-Speed,+SP.Defense)
All 6 IV
-Knock off
-Shadow Sneaky
-Shadow Force

On this Spiritomb I was aiming for a Slow, but bulky sweeper and setter
Futuring make the HP EVs at full,the chosse of the move infestation is because
I didn’t want a full pysical set on a mega who buff both pysical and special attack.
And infestation gets affected by tough claw, so it’s became a big good move.

Sinister (Gengar) (M) @Black Sludge
EV: HP 28 / Attack 44 / Defense 28 / SP.Attack 136 / SP.Defense 22 / Speed 252
Nature: Hasty (-Defense,+Speed)
All 6 IV
-Shadow Ball

Gengar, always in the top and always strong, I was serching for gengar sets when i see a mixed set for gengar and wanted to try myself, this gengar had the EV and IV in attack for that, and future in my playtrough i play to give him or focus punch, or dynamic punch

Slash (D.Blastoise) (M) @Life orb
Ability:Shadow Call (To Be Changed)
EV: HP 32 / Defense 58 / SP.Attack 252 / SP.Defense 16
Speed 152
All 6 IV
-Dark Pulse
-Vacuum wave
-Aura Sphere
-Nasty Plos/ New moon

My starter, And he who make the game more dificult (purposefully, because my rival was the delta venusaur now ). I’ve wanted to make a special place for hin in this team , soo, ther you go

Medusa (D.Pidgeot) (F) @Rocky helmet
Ability: Intimidate
EV: (not trained yet)
All 6 IV
“Future Moveset”
-Medusa Ray
-Dragon Dance

First Question: Why Delta Pidgeot?
Answer: Because of is Speed and the Medusa Ray movement
Second Question: Why just because this movement?
Answer:Because under the new moon the move surf will power up, then I chose this move for the bulk thypeof pokeon to cach them off guard
Third Question:Other pokemons can do bether than him, why use him?
Answer:Because he is just Downright awesome on the desing and the concept so i goo wiht him

" * " he indicates a placeholder
" ! " he indicate a doubt with I mantain the move or I substitute him

Now for the actual request for help (Finally yeah?)
I wave doubt with the rest of the my team,
cause I Know hes weak to fairy types and bulky/fast fighting types,
(looking at you Mega Loppuny)
I was thinking of have mew on this team with a dual screen set
but I don’t know if will help this team (I plan do this addition on my team in the future)

So, I’m actualy asking for sugestions.
Thanks in Advice for who wants to help me

Important: I’m still on the Koril Town, And didn’t progress the story
so any ahead of this is only on online trade so, thats it

Always remember, when you get the dive replacement, go get the tm for hone claws. Hone claws doubles its effect when New Moon is active. You could add a Blaziken(It is only obtainable after the sixth gym as combusken, but you can ask for one in the trades section), cause it gets hone claws and also imagine have speed boost as well, this would be op. It’s move set would be like:

Flare Blitz/Fire Punch
Hone Claws
Hi Jump Kick
Protect/Coverage Move

Also, you could use the stall strategy and use a shuckle with 252 Defense and 252 Speed EV with :
Sticky Web
Protect/Shell Smash

That is some good sets!
But what about the fairy types?
And you think a Mew in the future with
Dual Screen
Psychic and
Will help my Team?

It would help a lot. New moon cancels your fairy type weakness but I think you could also use an excadrill with:
Iron Head
Swords Dance
Custom Move -

I really suggest a Steel type. As for me, I think you could pick either Excadrill or a Hone Claw Durant. Under New Moon, Durant will get a double buff like Blaziken. That way, you patch Hustle’s accuracy drop and double his already huge attack.

I recommend using Nasty Plot on D.Blastoise instead of Bulk Up.

Quickly get a secret base and farm money to get the IV changer, EV trainer, EV reseter and the Lv trainer.

Even if Infestation get a damage boost, remember it’s a huge 20 base power. I would bet it’s not enough to OHKO Alakasam.

Never thought of that, durant seems very useful. @PeterHolmes74

Mayby will not OHKO A Alakazan
But will lock him into my spiritomb
were I can 2HKO with the shadow sneaky
or sucker punch

Also a good strat is taunt and sucker punch @KKhris

Thinking here,
I am in doubt wiht these two
Blazeken or Durant
Both can use the new moon wiht the hone claws
blazeken to hit more hi jump kicks
and durant wiht the ability hustle

I don’t know, I never used durant before son don’t know a good move set for him

Edit: plus I caught the exeggute on the midna garden hidden grotto

Durant could have:
Hone Claws
Iron Head
Crunch/ Custom Move -

Hum that’s is actually a good moveset
if i use durant my team will have to make damege from the raw neutral damege on his overall moveset and pokemon yeah?


Also you could an entrainment set:
The rest of the moves Dont matter
252 Speed EV
Held item :Choice.Scarf @KKhris

That’s the troll+ enraging set for himm yeah ?
but I will go with the good ol’ Physical swepeer
but you gonna need to trade me a durant…
can you make me one?
with the -SP.Attack +SP.defense nature?

It might take a while but I will do it. @KKhris

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OK! I will answer in the trade category!

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Could I also give you a torchic. I bred so many of them for some reason @KKhris

Ok mate I will give you 2 Spiritombs!
PS: One of them Has 3 Perfect IVs

I don’t need it, but thank you @KKhris

Just to warn you @GiaPeNiw
I already capture a ditto
and i have 3 IV stones on my backpack
(Yes farm then in the koril rock smash stones
the same way that i make my other mons perfect IVs)