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Trading these before i take a break

Trading Name: IcyPaws_06

Offer: shiny delta typhlosion, shiny delta gardevoir, shiny haxorus, shiny steelix, shiny manetric, shiny metagross, shiny tyranitar, shiny umbreon, shiny sableye, shiny golem

Request: other shinies

Further info:

Would u like a Shiny Relazed Quagsire or a Shiny Timid Srantler or a Shiny Jolly Crawdaunt for that Shiny Umbreon

Can I take your entire collection for a Shiny Darkrai, Regigigas, and…idk, 2 more shiny legends? I got some bad natured ones lol, but I’ll be willing to give them to ya for all of yours.

would you take a delta matang for the haxorus?

yeah i feel like thats not going to work :confused:

I have a sassy sudowoodo or a sassy probopass i’d trade for the manetric or umbreon

any chance you’d want to trade that sudowoodo for a litwick/chandelure?

i would be willing to do that

i would actually

oof. tough choice. i was initially just looking for non-legendary mons. didn’t expect yours

i am totes fine with that!!! btw the metang is now a metagross!

i could also trade the metang for the Delta typlosion (cool name btw)

gotcha. ign? also, please post the stats if possible. my ign is IcyPaws_06

Oh lol. I’ll be willing to take all the rest of the mons you got for 1 or 2 shiny legends. Just hit me up

it feels a bit overwhelming tbh lol

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ill upload it tomorrow, k

hmm. there might be things done if trades aren’t fast enough. someone else might take the haxorus while you’re gone. main reason why i like deals to be quick and responsive

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i can do the trade tommorow anytime?!

Eh, your call. I like offering in bulk so that I don’t have to have excessive stress.

Lvl 45 delta metagross,mild nature, imunity abbility, evs&ivs, Hp:16/25,the rest are 0/ 31,(i dont really iv and ev train :/) moves: x-scizor,pursuit,mud slap earthquake.