Trading these before i take a break

gotcha. i’ll wait for a day to see what others have for now. there are some things currently going in my disc, so the list might change (some new mons available, some mons in the list might get unavailable).

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edit: tyranitar is no longer available

actually, i think i’ll just jump to it. what are your offers for all the mons above? (except tyranitar now, got taken away)

I got 3 legendaries I’m offering. A darkrai, Regigigas, and I’m not sure what the 3rd dupe was. I’ll get back to ya.

can it be 2 legs instead of 3 if i want to remove d.typh? it is currently set on someone special that’s trying to hunt shiny d.scyther

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Sure. I got a D. Typh…maybe more than one lol

alright. welp, i’d be down to trade for sure

Ah ok. Well, not rn, maybe in a few hours? Lmk if your list changes in these hours, and we can negotiate according to that.

i’ll be up for 2 hours and 40 mins. after that, i’ll be gone for about 15 hours due to work but yes, i’ll let you know. if my current trader gets on, then it might be possible that i will be adding a shiny modest gengar in the list.

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Hey I can trade rn I think

i’m about 20 mins late but i can trade too. just saw this

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I’m doing another trade atm

hmu when you get that done. ign is IcyPaws_06. if you have time, i’d like to see the ones you’d offer (and maybe dupes you plan on trading). will also ask for your ign as well

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Hey can I just take 6 of the 10 for 1 legendary?

Also lmk the list atm

sure. same list but without the d.typh and tyranitar

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il take all of em except golem, steelix and d. gardevoir

gotcha. just need your ign and mons you’re offering

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A shiny darkrai, and ign is firefiber