Trading Shiny Ralts!

Trading Name: cooper2345678

Offer: 1 Level 19 Male Kirlia

Request: Make an offer below, I’ll respond if I am willing to trade! (only pokemon)

Further info:

Relaxed Nature, Alert to sounds IVS: Ability: Trace Knows:Disarming Voice, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse Attack:23 Defense:25 Sp. Attack:31 Sp. Defense:2 Speed:31 No EVS

I can give iv stones

I’ll offer perfect IV pokemon that are EV trained

Sorry I wasn’t more specific in my post DayDay, im only looking for pokes :confused: Ill update it now

Any pokemon in general? (Obviously no legends)

Yes, I have a shop for such things. Cow's Shop: Powerful Competitive Pokémon for Shiny

I could also do so but,cow should have this one

What shinies are you looking for?

if you want could offer shiny luvdisc or bibarel and have pokemon that i have breed pokemon you woulld get would be 5 or 6 iv depending on what i have can ask for the eggmove list of ones you have interested in. the froakies are protean with HP fire.

Could I do a tyrunt and cyndaquil? If you don’t want to do more than one I completely understand! Also how do you do a screenshot of the game? (want to show you I’m being legit!)

Me? Or other guy

Are you willing to do both of those for just ralts?

Yeah, definitely. Just tell me what specifications (moves, EVs, nature, ability) you want on tyrunt and cyndaquil.

Also sorry about the messiness of this thread! Im very new to this whole community!

ya i could do tyrunt and cyndaquill

No EVs needed, just an adamant Strong Jaw Tyrunt and a flash fire (if possible, not needed I’m fine with blaze) modest cyndaquil! I would also prefer them at level one!

Yeah if you don’t want EVs then I can give you two IV stones also.

And also, wouldn’t you want sturdy on Tyrunt, so it gets Rock Head when its a Tyrantrum?

tyrunt is adamant strongjaw already and cyndaquill is flash fire and timid but could breed it to modest and both would be at least 5 iv

Oh yeah thank you I didnt even notice! And that would be very helpful with the IV stones! I’ll Take it!

Alright. It looks like stances already has it done so if you want to trade with him it’s fine by me, but otherwise I’ll get to work :smiley: