Trading Shiny Dugtrio 2.0

Trading Name: Frost

Offer: Shiny Dugtrio

Request: Offer Items/Competitive Pokemon

Further Information: Request Basis

I have just started the game, now around the Whirl Islands, and looking for competitive Pokemon and/or Items. I don’t need IV Stones, I got 12 from destroying all the rocks on the way to the Abyssal Base.

P.S Can somebody tell me the font for this forums? Also, can somebody trade me a Pokemon with PokeRus? Thanks!

3 level 1 pokemon with 5IV and Egg moves for the dugtrio? Here’s a list of competitive pokemon that I can breed easily. Other than iv stones, what items are you interested in? Most are available easily except a few unavailable ones like eviolite, assault vest etc.

The font used is called Orgicide.

Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the dugtrio, ping me on discord for the pokerus, it’s free.

My name is Sleepymon12 there.

I can give four mons from here for the dugtrio: Cow538's Mini Mart

I can offer 2 mons with 5IV and Egg moves with EV training services or 4 mons with 5IV and Egg moves without EV training.

I can offer:

A level 64 or higher tyranitar with either a megastone or armor

Delta charmander (i can train it if you like) holding a delta charizardite

Gabite with earthquake and stone edge and trained in ev’s

Haxorus lvl 64

Delta gardevoir or other deltas you might like

I can get you 5 mons wtih competitive nature and 5ivs and egg moves. If you want EV training, I can do two mons with comp nature 5ivs and egg moves and evs. These are two separate offers and all the mons come with pokerus (or ask anyone on discord :smiley: )

I can also get egg moves perfect natures and ev trained with atleast one iv maxed

Offers for Shiny Dugtrio:

Offer #1 - Sleepy 3x Level 1 Pokemon with 5 IV and Egg Moves

Notes: Sleepy, I’m sorry, but your offer is outbid by Offer #2’s 2nd Option. I hope you will remain in the trade by outbidding the competition because you’re quite kind to help me with my trading woes and to offer the free PokeRus.

Offer #2 - Cow538 2x Pokemon with 5 IV and Egg Moves with EV Training/4x Pokemon with 5 IV and Egg Moves

Notes: Your offer is outbid by Offer #4’s 2nd Option. I hope you will remain in this trade thread by outbidding Offer #4.

Offer #3 - iDeactive Level 64 or Higher Tyranitar with Megastone or Armour Mega-Delta Charmander EV-Trained Gabite with Earthquake and Stone Edge (Naturally Learned I think) Level 64 Haxorus Delta Gardevoir or Other Deltas Egg Moves, Perfect Natures & 1 IV Maxed

Notes: This is currently the winning trade. You are free to outbid this trade at anytime, and I will accept it once I can get my trade system to work.

Offer #4 - Cheese555 5x Pokemon with Competitive Nature and IVs + Egg Moves/2x Pokemon with EV Training All Pokemon with PokeRus

Notes: Is the PokeRus active? Also, although your trade beats Offer #2 & #3, you are the second candidate for the trade.

Overall, I thank Cow and Sleepy for attempting to help me fix Macbook Trading, and currently iDeactive is winning. Is there a Level Cap for trading? However, I think you have misunderstood me when I say competitive Pokemon. I mean high-levelled, good IVs & EVs, good nature Pokemon that have generally good stats and movesets. Whoever can get me the following Pokemon will have the winning trade:

Pokemon Name: Gliscor Ability: Poison Heal Level: N/A Moveset:

  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Earthquake
  • ??? Item: Toxic Orb (Is this available?)

Pokemon Name: Gengar Ability: Levitate Level: N/A Moveset:

  • Perish Song
  • Protect
  • Hypnosis
  • Dream Eater Item: Gengarite

To answer your question Sleepy, I am interested in Megastones that I have not gotten, Master Balls and overall, most combat items such as Focus Sash and so on. Thanks for all your support!

My interest in the dugtrio isn’t that much that I’d be willing to bid more than what I already did :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, did you manage to fix the issues? If yes, what did you end up doing? Asking cause ones I linked on discord were pretty much the only solutions that worked till date for most of the others.

I think you mixed up Cow’s and megastone’s offer btw, that was megastone’s offer and Cow offered 4 mons from his shop. There’s no level cap for trading but there’s one for obedience if you’re on Hard difficulty.

Stone edge and Earthquake are both learnt through TMs by the gible line, but both TMs aren’t available in 99% of the pokerus traded are active.

And yeah, different people have different definitions of competitive pokemon, just that most common one around here when it comes to trades is just bred ones like I and Cow offered and we were too used to it.

Cheese, Cow and Megastone(dunno about iDeactive) are all capable of doing your requested mons, so good luck with your shiny dugtrio trade.

Excluding megastones, most combat items are available in ares which are quite a while into the game. Masterballs are almost impossible, cause the only way to obtain them currently is through the game corner lottery, the chance is (no.of OTs you have)/65536. Just ping me on discord if you don’t get pokerus from someone and I’ll trade it to you when I’m online.

Oops. Yeah, I did mess up Megastone’s and Cow’s offers. Actually, although I did not know you can get Master Balls from the Game Corner Lottery, I do know that you can get Master Balls (0.66% Chance or 66/1000, I think) if you are sponsored by Devon Corp every race. I searched the Wikia.

I can give you a delta phantump with gliscor and gengar ev trained with egg moves, 5 iv and competitive nature

Offer #5 Jaycee
Delta Phantump + Designated Pokemon

Notes: I want the Delta Phantump, but I still think iDeactive’s offer is better, considering that there is a Delta Gardevoir in there.

@iDeactive , what Delta Pokemon are you willing to offer other than Gardevoir?

i can offer delta luxray, combee delta, delta scrawfty if you want delta starters i can get you them but… it will take like 10 mins to trade all of them

working on the 2 pokemon you had requested what lvl do you want them to be after i get them. Also im asuming gliscor adament gen=gar modest?

warlock i can give you the gengar right now

although for the gliscor i need to breed

Here’s my improved offer : Delta phantump + designated pokemon (ev trained and lvled) + lvl 70 bisharp with 5iv + lvl 65 tyrantrum 5iv with ddance, head smash, dragon claw and eq (both ev trained) + 1 pokemon with competitve nature and egg moves

im also adding 5 iv stones, protein, calcium and other ev iv competitive items into the mix.And a trained larvitar with pokerus.

The ghastly is 5 iv its only missing attack iv witch dosnt matter and the gligar is 6 iv have those 2 for offer right now and will post some others

cmon stances you still did it =(