Trading jolly shiny salamence

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: Jolly shiny salamence

Request: any from shiny ttar line, open to other trades tho

Further info: still havent given AJ his shiny pupitar


Dude just hunt it yourself

space mew, and shiny geodude?

probably no but nature of geodude anyways? also i already havea space, timid nature so unless its shiny i dont want it

I know

Just do it yourself

Geodude have Gentle Nature.
If i give you Shiny minccino whaat will you give too?

ive also got a Poke virus pokemon in box if that means anything (pokeVirus is double effort values on your pokemon if they are infected)

most people have pokerus pokemon already

as oaa said, yeah they’re not particularily rare. welll getting one on your own is but since you can just trade and spread pkrs most ppl would be willing to give em for free.
also nature on minccino? @Derpysaga

@Boggaspotatoe the minccino is brave nature

then no, the salamence has a beneficial (jolly) nature so i dont feel comfortable trading it for 2 off natured mons, sry

What ball is the salamence in? I may be interested but salamence’s shiny is kind of stinky lol


also i made custom sprites for its shiny cuz i didnt like its shiny either lol

Ah no ty, I’m one of those weird people who are picky when it comes to ball types. If I can avoid using a shiny ball I’ll go for a apriball/lux/premier

damn it. oh well, ig ill have to hunt it someday
also dw, im one of those ppl too lmao

I’ll trade

what are you offering? also show the second page of pokemon
oh i forgot welcome to the forums @yaboikay12