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Im too lazy to do this myself

Trading Name: Emerald24111

Offer: well ive got bredmons, and i can trade iv stones and dream mists.

Request: Shiny delta dwebble cake

Further info: i dont want to do this myself

not worth ig


i would trade for 2/3 reg shinies

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you arent really helping here. if you want to trade you comment.

i meant im giving bredmons for a shiny. im not trading a shiny

id suggest going on over to discord cuz im pretty sure literally noone here has a shiny delta dwebble/crustle except me ofc

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@one_above_all you have IV stones? can i have sum…pls?

ok how many

i dont use that discord

@Piazziami861 how many do you want


@Piazziami861 What can you give

My soul, and once I get the stones a perfect Excadrill

ok i can give at most 4 so what is your secret base/trade name



Wait…dang it

I offered my exacdrill I wanted…boo

it did not work

it says you do not exist