Trading a shiny shedinja for another shiny

Trading Name: THeboiboi

Offer: Shiny shedinja

Request: any shiny pokemon

hey again, would you possibly be interested in any of these shinies? (quick warning, machamp is a pokken mon, not a shiny lol)

Some of those shinies are pretty cool so,
yeah. Also can you attach a pic of the shiny combee and Scyther, I’m talking about the ivs (also I wanna know if the combee is male or female for obvious reasons )

Noice. Combee is mâle rip (woulda evoed it if I could xD) and sûre I’ll get the scyther when I get back on my computer ;))

Sweet! I’ll attach a pic of the Shedinja when I get back on my PC . Also if your going to trade the Scyther can you give him a metal coat. I want to see a real trade evolution l, not some witch doctor magic(not that I have anything against it but still)

alrighty, here it be:

combee is serious, but im assuming you dont want it xD

I guess the Scyther is fine.
And yeah I don’t want the combee XD

Also if you don’t mind can you tell me the nature of the mamoswine and khangaskan

Lol, mamo is gentle and kang is modest ;)) i can do the metal coat thing if you’d like the scyther

Alright good to know :slight_smile:
I’d like to trade the scyther

Heres the shedinja @thePotato

oooo that is very cool! im totally down. you good to trade soon?

im ready to trade rn .

hold on ill send a request @thePotato

oh wow sure, im online now :))

shoot jk i need to get a metal coat, j a sec

alright cool

gottem, ready now


sry clicked the wrong button lol

you exited the trade