Trading a buncha shinies

If you dont know, I have waay too many shinies. I got a buncha stuff I don’t need. So if you’re interested, hmu.

Quality sucks, I know.

All the deltas should be Ideal or Neutral Nature btw

wait so you are basically giving away shinies or i missunderstood

Oooh! Would I be able to trade for the delta turtwig and/or delta numel?

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Do you still have that Shiny Honedge?

Yeah its up!

Mhm. THat box is entirely untouched, and all of em are up for trade.

Nah I’m trading shinies. Might do some giveaways later tho

Also PrtSc doesn’t work for me. And if I use discord on my PC, it crashes

I have one shiny, though I would prefer to keep it. Is there anything possible to trade for it?

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Uhhh, sure. I think that’s a dupe. I remember telling you I’ll give it to you for free, but let me just double check if I have a dupe Aegislash

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Lmfao just realized you were following up with me about the other post. I was searching in my box for the honedge (which isn’t in this box btw) and got scared lol

Alr, double checked, and sadly, I dont have a honedge, only an aegislash, but since I’m not really fond of it, I’ll give it to ya anyway.

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Gimme a sec. I’ll be hooping on

Trade name is Noct’urna

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Mk. Tradename Firefiber, but I’m not online yet. I’ll lyk when I am

Lmao I lost my save with the shinies on it. I’ll have to search for it


Ok @Revan_Noct online rn

Thank you so much!

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