Tradigng Lv 65 Delta Venusour

Trading Name: TheKillerBee

Offer: Delta Mega Venusuar

Request: Strong Mega

Further info: Must be mega and Lv 55 or higher

I can give you a level 100 normal pokemon, provided it isn’t delta a mega or a legendary. Tell me what you want as a level 100 if you accept

I have Feraligatr lv 55 with mega stone, do you want it?

If you just want a strong pokemon, I can trade you a garchomp with iron head/stone edge/earthquake/fire blast for free

ill take it let me know when you want to trade

If you are giving the venusaur to megastone, what are you going to give to stance?

I’m giving it away for free, not for the venusaur

Oh. That’s nice of you.

ok can i have im ready to trade

Sure just give me a few minutes to get it

Whats your username mine is TheKillerBee

Mine is megastone

Ok I’m ready to trade

what is your username i dont know it thx very much for trading

It’s megastone, same as my username here

So type in my username in the “who would you like to trade with” screen, then on your go we will both press enter

If you need help trading read sleepy guide

its just black screening after i put in your name and then once i hit x to back out it returns to gameplay

We have to press enter at the same time, so post “go” here right before you press enter so that I know when you’re pressing it

ok when i say ready then you say go ok