Tradigng Lv 65 Delta Venusour

ok I’m ready when you are


go in 3 seconds

I suggest taking off the feraligatite before you trade it away since you only get one

i dont want or need it

Are you sure?

ok ill take it off do what would you give for my delta venusour with its mega stone I realy want delta charizard but what whould you offer

are you there

Ok grab a trash mon from your pc or something so that I can trade back the feraligatite, and I actually have both a delta venusaur and a delta charizard, so a delta venusaur is not so useful to me, but if you want I can get a delta charmander from my other save and give that to you

yes plz ill take that over garchomp any day thank you so much whats that accounts user name then count down when i say ready

First let me get that feraligatite back over to you and then I’ll switch save files, I’m ready when you are to trade the mega stone

i still have it idk why

Somehow I have the feraligatr too…so you don’t have the garchomp?

lol ok so lets just do the chamander trade whats your accounts second name ill say ready when im ready

It’s same as this one, let me switch saves real quick

i got a lv 60 flygon i on my team so ill be fien

ready when you are u do the count down. thank you so much your the best

All right, but if you want one, I have a box full of HA Jolly garchomps

im good thank do da count down

are you still there