Trade help

is there a kind soul that can give me 6 delta pkmn? I want to start up a new game on hard mode using delta only (metagross ruin with mega stone,girafarig with mega stone,scolipede sweeper,yanmega,mawyle with megastone,treavenant

3 mega stone pokemon? Thats not really viable…also, this should go under #online:trading

I can get you the Pokémon, but not the Mega Stones. (I have an extra Etigirafarigite, so you can have one)

cool thanks, I can trade the mega stones in a second moment anyway since I can’t use them at the start, do you have them in egg or already hatched? becuase if you have them already can you please teach to beldum: stonedge,earthquake,drain punch and to scolipede : superpower,flare blitz, rock slide ,earthquake and finally to girafarig: thundershock, sludgewave ,dark pulse, flash cannon

Unfortunately, I’m not that far into the game yet. I’m getting the Pokémon through a cheesy loophole, but I’ll be able to get some of the moves you requested. Any specific natures?

You could use the Egglocke mode to give yourself.those 6 starting mons with the Items.

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You can’t trade in the egglocke, nor can you forfeit it… (ah nvm, realised you were talking to him)

Timid girafarig and yanmega, adamant mawyle , jolly all the others if you can thanks!
I don’t like the egglocke challenge anyway,I don’t want to be limited in the choices

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Do you want me to evolve your Phantump into Trevenant?
And abilities? (I won’t be getting HAs)

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sturdy beldum,stench for girafarig,weak armor for venipede, overcoat for phantub , adabtability yanma ,flower veil mawyle ,please give roost to yanma and sword dance to mawyle if you can thanks, don’t evolve phantump, he wll evolve in our trade anywayXD
P.S. remember that all of them are delta pkmn

I think I’m ready to trade then
Trade name is Noct’urna

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cool I’m on if you want


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it says that you are not online

I need your name


Good luck!

thanks bro! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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hey bro didn’t you have a etigirafarite to trade? maybe on a delta medidite? XD

I realised that I don’t have the Delta version of it unfortunately, though I could probably get you a D. Meditite