The ultimate in exchange remains

Trading Name: LATEST EXCHANGE shinys


Further info:

It is the last thing left NO MORE

if you are interested i have all of these pokemon already breed for ivs and eggmoves and could breed and ev train what you want if you see the pokemon more then 1 time its because it is different ability / moveset just let me know if you are interested i would be interested in houndoom, larvitar or growlithe

forgot to post the picture with it or if you really want other pokemon just find the eggmoves and the pokemon you are looking for and let me know and i will see about breeding them. Also the froakies are breed to have HP fire in all 31 / 30 ivs

hello few pokemones could give me for my shinys? pokemones trained max iv and ev max

Ya i can get them max iv and would train ev based on what you wanted maxed for evs

few pokemones for every shiny?

ya could give like 2 or 3 if they in the picture more likely to give more because i already have them

you think 5 pokemones by houdoom and lavitar?

ya i could do that

you think a change of 5 pokemones for my 2 pokemones houdoom and lavitar?

yes what pokemon?

gyarados adamant ev atack and def esp

umbreon nature calm ev def esp and ps

slowbro nature bold ev ps and defense

blastoise nature bold ev defense and ps

milotic nature calm ev defense ps and speed

what is ps? HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp Def, Speed these are the 6 stats

ps is hp

HP zorry

ok and for blastoise would you rather a modest one with a sp attack set up? he is already naturaly kind of tanky and has some pretty good move set spread for Sp attack with the eggmoves dragon pulse and aura Sphere then gets hydro pump for fighting / dragon / water coverage and will hit hard