The game won't start

I recently tried to install Pokemon Zeta (didn’t work), and now insurgence will not start again, it bounce 1 time in the dock, but then it just stops. Is there anything I can do?

P.S. I’m on mac (MacOS Mojave)

did the files extract properly

p.s. theirs tends to be lots of bugs with MacOS Mojave running the game

I believe they did

try re extracting the files from the zip if your not sure maybe its something esle

If I redownload the game, will my saves be reset? I was at the fight with primal arceus, so don’t want to lose my save files

no the saves are saved under the user not in the zip of launcher

my saved game are gone, can’t find the saves anywhere. In none of the places I could find on the internet.

The drive_c map in the files didnt exist anymore in the files of the insurgence game

thats a Mac thing then like your computer is being kinda funky

The first time I wanted to play, I had to instaal wineskin winery, and copy the contents of the zip file to a new folder. I did the same, but it didn’t work.

I looked in the options, and I saw that the WineskinQuit.exe was selected to start when I tried to open it. I changed it to game.exe and the game started. Maybe this can help others with the same problem

My save files are gone, but at least i can play again.

sorry to hear maybe if you look in your user files you can find them but at least it works again