The Battle Arena!

Welcome to the Battling Arena!

Credits to @Cow538 for the idea. (Thanks for letting me do it!)

Have you ever wanted to show off your incredible battling skills, and make a profit off of them? Have you ever wanted to battle with real stakes (i.e. IV stones)? Well now you can!

Did you say IV stones??? Yup, this arena waits for 4 people to enter. They each pay me 2 stones. Then, the winner of the whole tournament will get 6 IV stones, giving them a profit of 4 stones!

ARRGGHH! Someone says they beat me, but they really didn’t! This is why I require each battle to have a replay posted in the forums. If both of you forgot to save the replay, then you must battle again. This means that it is the winner’s primary responsibility to remember to save the replay.

OK, I’m sold. How do I enter? Just post that you would like to enter! We can talk about entry fees over Discord (Just ping me when you’re online, and if we have conflicting schedules, we can decide on a date and time.)

All right, I’ve entered. When will the tournament start, and how will it work? The tournament will start once 4 people are in. I will post the battling schedules in rounds. You can talk with your opponent to fix a time to battle. Once you are finished, post the replay in this thread. This tournament will be in a round-robin format. Everyone will play 3 games, and after that, I will pick two finalists to battle each other. Whoever wins gets the grand prize of 6 IV stones! The games will be in OU format, and you should play on the Insurgence Battle Simulator.


This is a battling arena which hosts 1v1v1v1 tournaments. It is in a round-robin format, at which point the top two people play each other in a final battle. In order to participate, you must pay 2 IV stones, but if you win, you win 6 stones!


  1. Cow538: 1 win, 0 losses
  2. GangPolice73: 0 wins, 1 losses
  3. Sneuwks: 1 wins, 1 loss

Round 3

Cow538 vs GangPolice73 Sneuwks will not play this round

Sure, I guess I’ll join.

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I’m terrible at battling so I’ll pass, but this sounds interesting.

I´m in

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Great idea! I’ll join aswell :smile:

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Only 1 person left, come join the first tournament!

Due to lack of more sign-ups, if no one else joins within EDIT: SEE POST BELOW! I will make this a 1v1v1 tournament. Currently signed up players (@GangPolice73, @cow538, @Snuewks) , please confirm your participation.

I gave you my payment, right?

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Read the OP. (Yes you did) By the way, if the tourney only has three people, the prize will only be 4 stones.

I’m sorry, but I think I’m out since Sleepy said that online batteling is still quite buggy.

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The battles won’t take place in the game, but on the battle simulatior

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Oh, ok. Then I’m in! :slight_smile:

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Signups are now closed. Round schedules are posted. @cow538 and @Snuewks please coordinate a time to play with each other and play your match. Remember to post your replay!

I won the battle (it was intense though)

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Round 2 has been posted. @GangPolice73 and @Snuewks, please play your game and post the replay.

Another cloe one, this time me winning. Yaaay :slight_smile:

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You won because he timed out. Give him a rematch

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He left the battle. I have the battle logs.

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He told me he has connection problems that sometimes cause him to quit the game.

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Through PM messages, Gang declined the offer for a rematch.

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