The Battle Arena!

Do you mind either posting a screenshot of this PM or asking him to post here confirming it? Sorry, I need to make sure this is a fair tournament. EDIT: Just saw the replay, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that you won. However, if @GangPolice73 denies this, and gives me sufficient proof of these connection problems (only because Snuewks was so close to winning), I will ask you two to replay.

I accept that Snuewks won

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Round 3 has been posted. @cow538 and @GangPolice73 please play your game and post your replay.

What if I lose?

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We’ll do another set of rounds. Unfortunately, if it’s still a tie, I’ll have to use a RNG to pick two people to be finalists.

I have to beat gang then :muscle:

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Ok, if @cow538 and @GangPolice73 don’t play their match within 2 days, I will refund all players and cancel the tournament. Sorry guys, it just looks like a much better “battle” tourney is opened up :slight_smile: