Team Weakness

So. My team, I feel, has a very weak spot for fairy and normal types. If you have any suggestions for my team, please reply. This is my current team.

1.Delta Venusaur - Male
Level: 53
Type: Fairy-Psychic
Item: Delta Venusaurite
Nature: Gentle
Attack: 108
Health: 156
Defense: 93
Special Attack: 117
Special Defense: 146
Speed: 104
Ability: Psycho Call
Move1: Moonblast
Move2: Hypnosis
Move3: Psycho Boost
Move4: Moonlight

Level: 52
Type: Dragon
Item: Dragon Fang
Nature: Rash
Defense: 113
Special Attack: 78
Special Defense: 83
Speed: 110
Ability: Rivalry
Move1: Dragon Rage
Move2: Dual Chop
Move3: Dragon Claw
Move4: Dragon Pulse

Level: 52
Type: Fire
Item: Typhlosionite
Nature: Careful
Health: 156
Attack: 101
Defense: 90
Special Attack: 117
Special Defense: 107
Speed: 111
Ability: Blaze
Move1: Lava Plume
Move4: Swift

  1. Togekiss-Female
    Level: 61
    Type: Fairy-Flying
    Item:Experience Share
    Nature: Calm
    Health: 186
    Attack: 74
    Defense: 133
    Special Attack: 157
    Special Defense: 167
    Speed: 117
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Move1: Aura Sphere
    Move2: Solar Beam
    Move3: Fly
    Move4: Sky Attack

  2. Delta Gallade-Male
    Type: Electric-Ice
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Gentle
    Health: 154
    Defense: 66
    Special Attack: 84
    Special Defense: 144
    Speed: 88
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Move1: Ice Beam
    Move2: Thunder Punch
    Move3: Psycho Cut
    Move4: Custom Move (Fighting)

  3. Swampert-Male
    Level: 53
    Type: Water-Ground
    Item: Lucky Egg
    Nature: Timid
    Attack: 122
    Defense: 113
    Special Attack: 101
    Special Defense: 103
    Speed: 82
    Ability: Torrent
    Move1: Muddy Water
    Move2: Earthquake
    Move3: Bide
    Move4: Rock Slide

And there you have it… Any suggestions for replacements or new moves, please reply.

Now I’m currently having trouble with Harmony. Especially her Miltank.

You can replace Togekiss (TEMPORARILY) with a Lucario. A Riolu can be found in the Ancient Ruins. Grind his level with the level trainer and make Riolu hold a Soothe Bell. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a STAB Lucario. I suggest you train it’s defense tho, Lucario is a 1-shot KOSer machine. Not meant to last long in battles.

Or you can teach your Togekiss Aura Sphere…

Still have a weakness to fairy. ;-;

try adding Delta Haxorus to your team. you can get delta axew from doing the trade outpost quest in Miara town. its Water/Steel and would fit your team. Hopefully it helps!

Yikes… I already fainted it.

Someone should be able to breed and trade you a D. Axew. As others mentioned, either get and level up a fighting type pokemon to deal with normal types or use someone with a fighting type move, like Aura Sphere on Togekiss (also keep in mind what move set the Miltank has so whatever pokemon you do use doesn’t have a weakness to one of the moves). Additionally with Togekiss, you’d be better off using Air Slash instead of Fly/Sky Attack which, with Serene Grace, has a 60% chance to flinch opponents (assuming you go first) and Nasty Plot is a very useful move to have on Togekiss as well to turn it into a potential sweeper (Togekiss stats also focus heavily on special attack instead of physical so using physical moves like Fly and Sky Attack are pretty big no-no’s for Togekiss).

For Delta Gallade, you should by now have found the Livewire TM. It’s very useful in that it has the potential to paralyze most grounded pokemon that the opponent switches in. This would be great to start the fight off with so that when you bring in Togekiss, it’s likely that the opponent’s pokemon will be paralyzed, allowing Togekiss to out-speed the opponent and likely flinch lock them with Air Slash, and even if Air Slash doesn’t cause flinch, there’s a chance that the paralysis will.

Well thank you. This really helped, except for the fact that I sadly don’t have livewire yet. However, I do have Thunder wave.

I don’t have Air Slash though.

Livewire is in the Helios City Department Store and can be bought for 3,000.

Is there a difference between Thunder wave and live wire?

That has a description of Livewire and what it does. Once placed on field, unless it is removed by a pokemon, it remains on field for the duration of the battle and pokemon can get hit by paralysis as soon as they are switched in by the opponent.

To get Air Slash on Togekiss you will want to go to a move relearner, you can place one in your secret base. You will also need a heart scale (iirc) to relearn a move.

Well. I already went to the move relearner before, and I don’t recall seeing air slash. I will take a look.

Alright. That’s done.

However, I managed to finish the Sonata Gym already tho.

And the only thing I am having trouble with is Audrey and her Origin Pulse spamming Kyogre.

Focus Sash item (also purchasable in Helios City Department Store) will prevent OHKO from origin pulse, could be useful if you need to leave a status condition on Kyogre or otherwise hit it hard. Anything that is resistant or neutral to water/electric/ice type attacks would be a useful pokemon to bring.

You could teach a pokemon Thunder Wave with Focus Sash item to make sure you can paralyze Kyogre and then go back to Togekiss after that pokemon is fainted and use Air Slash to bring down Kyogre. Try to make sure to force Audrey to use any healing items she has beforehand so that she can’t get rid of the paralysis on Kyogre.

My problem is that her Kyogre is always faster than my pokemon…

Although I will try to get the sash. Thanks.