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Team Weakness


My togekiss sadly doesn’t have nasty plot tho.


Paralysis halves the speed of the pokemon.


Should I get heals? I currently have 5 revives and 2 super potions.


I’m right here… heh. image


Heals would be useful if you’re trying to go with a boost setup. As an example, if you have Calm Mind on D. Venusaur you can start of the fight by stacking several Calm Mind to boost special attack and special defense (you would want to do this before Kyogre is sent in, I don’t think Audrey starts the fight with Kyogre but I don’t remember it that well). Because all of Kyogre’s attacks are special, the special defense stage boosts from Calm Mind should allow your D. Venusaur to easily tank hits, and heals would be useful to allow D. Venusaur to stack up Calm Mind against one of her weaker pokemon. Otherwise, the heals wont be all that useful because Kyogre hits hard enough to OHKO, so using a turn to heal pokemon wont do much good if Kyogre attacks and can take it out in one hit.


Well… Idk. I deleted calm mind… and I am already in base.


And at the same time, idk what to get rid of to put in calm mind.


i would replace togekiss with a delta charzard or a delta pidgeot


I can’t get that from anywhere…