Team Suggestions?

I want to use spider gross (mega) and greninga (protean)


D. Bisharp with life orb, D. Metagross with it’s mega stone, armoured Tyranitar, D. Snorelax with leftovers, D. Venusaur or typlosion and Haxorous with life orb too. I think would be a good team.

Any idea of good move sets?

D. Bisharp with swords dance and any stab moves you like, D. Metagross with X-scissor, gunk shot, earthquake for fire types and stealth rocks, Tyranitar with crunch, stone edge or rock slide, earthquake and dragon dance if you want it to be a sweeper, snorelax with seed bomb, sythisys(sorry for wrong spelling) to be a beach, body slam and earthquake (yes, I know literally every Pokémon I just said has earthquake you can keep any move on snorelax for earthquake), it depends on if you use typlosion or venusaur so I’ll tell them both. Typlosion with thunderbolt, and basically any move you like, Venusaur with psychic, moonblast, calm mind and leech seed(it’s a very good sweeper if mega because it gets hubris which is basically soul heart), Haxorous with swords dance or dragon dance, dragon claw, crunch and earthquake (another earthquake mon heh). You can run any moves you want, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know alot about this game and I don’t know what moves delta Pokemon can learn so I said what I knew. Hope it helps.

thanks beat the league with mega spidagross, protean greninja (co-mvp), Armored t-tar (co-mvp), D. venasuar, aeigeslash, and infernape(loved so much). THANKS!!

swept champ with tyranitar and x-items

Great! What x-items? X defence and spd. Def?

killed t-tar with greninga then set up on mew two with tyranitar, x attack speed and special def