Team build help - E4

Hi, is the first fan made game I play, I thought I was pretty good in pokemon games until now where I discovered im a big poop in Team Building. Never been interested, just trained some Mons, fought and BOOM. I got to the E4 of this game and I keep getting DEMOLISHED so i thought “maybe I need some help”, so here I am.

I’m running this team at the moment, I built it lacking of money, Hearth scales, ability capsules and IV stones, so~~
(IVs are not written but they got pretty bad IVs)
The link to my Team is down here

edit: Forgot to say game is on Normal difficulty

Hi! I followed some steps of the guide. It was really useful. I didn’t follow everything, just gave a look, thought of what i could do with what i have and YEAH! I Beat the League, I used the team I linked up with a little change. Instead of Delta Noivern i used a Greninja with Taunt, night slash, surf and work up. I changed some items and moves and i guess it worked, The E4 were kinda hard for me, I noticed I had to play a lot more with “Baits” and switch to get an advantage. Not used to this but was fun and challenging. Thank you @Emerald241111 <3