Teach some moves to my mon

Trading Name: eldraco

Offer: will level up the pokemon you gave me (WILL RETURN) (atleast 15 levels)

Request: teach some moves to d. greninja

Further info: i want teach my d. greninja some moves early in the game ( TOXIC .FLAME THROWER . ENERGY BALL.OVERHEAT) i know that you need TM s for this… so it would be better if you teach the moves that you dont need or you dont use …

I can help u, btw overheat is not a good move IMO @devil

Overheat isn’t bad, it just requires to switch after using it. More like a Fire-Type Draco Meteor. In Gen 8, using Eject Pack with it is nice.

i didnt understand @PeterHolmes74

@GiaPeNiw thanks i will be in touchwith u soon

It halves your special attack after using it. The stat change will be removed after you wswith, so most times, youu want to switch after using it unless you think you can still get the KO next turn then switch.

so whn r u ready

@ezlaturbo and @PeterHolmes74

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I can do it for free @devil btw

Ya ready man @devil

@devil u wanted flamethrower, will O wisp and what else

yes.toxic overheat u ready

Just saw what moves u wanted, lemme grab the overheat tm pretty quick

name @GiaPeNiw

Name is Kafkinos

not online

Wait, my internet has a problem , gimme a min to fix it

fixed? @GiaPeNiw

Yeah I fixed it, but forgot to grab overheat

fast ready

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I am ready

Sent @devil