Talking about my anxiety (and Randomizer Nuzlocke)

Yeah so to continue to talk about my problems with anxiety and nuzlocke problems.

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Always a great combo

yep. Contradictions.

Like trying to fit a square piece in a circular hole. Fits every time

wow made me feel uncomfortable by saying that.

Its like trying to play Perfection


Nuzlocke tip: find out whats coming up ahead. Plan on how to beat it, and then you have less to worry about.

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I think its a randomizer…

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its randomizer but thxs for tip

I guess you just have to be a psychic

The only thing i can truly get ready for is their level

Anyway where exactly are you in your run?

Where that riolu gets harassed by cult members in the ruins

So like, just before the 1st gym?


Is this the run with the starter latias?


Oh ok. If I remember right there were some fire catches on that run. Better then all of mine. Mine were mediocre at best

uh ill show you my emprty box in a few gotta eat diner