Talking about my anxiety (and Randomizer Nuzlocke)

Ok, c ya in a bit then

I am back.

Hello again

wait lemme get a pic of box


i have to get rid of 5 more plus i have 6 in party

Those are some good catches. Want to see mine?

Also what’s in your party?


Vaporeon, latias, porgon-2, absol, shiftry and braviery

Though latias is kinda lacking B/C 3 of its moves are TMs at this point

thats randomizer nuz?

Yeah, ill also bring up my team


Yeah, and my 1st shiny delta

I also have a dead quilidan in my pc

gtg see ya tmmrw. Put team and movesets!

I will when you return, hope to talk again tomorrow!

Watching= on