Super Smash Bros Ultimate

For anyone who has a switch and the game. I’m getting bored of playing CPUs and my friends are trash at the game.

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I would join, but I don’t have one atm, and anyways, don’t you have to pay extra for online?

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Oh yeah.

The Ultimate Tier List

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Fire has a friend who could hook you up @Emerald24111



thats a compliment i believe

I don’t think I;ve ever disagreed with a tier list more than this one


Look at what Zero found before the first DLC. You’ll change your mind.


…Ganon in B?

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also Pikas 100% top 5 imo, and snake/bayo/diddy/yoshi should not be d, tl/villa shouldnt be f, dr mario is bottom 5 imo, corrins at least b after the buffs, and heros too rng reliant to be top 5

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pikas def not worse than steve

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thats all i’ll say rn, might say more once i can get on my pc

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@EnviousRage12 what do you mean?

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At first glance:

  • I think Pika is the best character in the game. Best Edge guard, one of the best recovery, crazy combo games with glitch abuse and 0-death on a good portion of the cast and also the best matchup chart in the game. I think Pika cover most of the mid tiers and below. Also has crazy good projectile in T-Jolt and an Up B that serves as:
    –Combo starter (although unreliable)

  • Roy? One of the best swords users un rank C? Damit it has crash speed, solid areal and one of the most reliable kill confirmed in Jab->BAir and safe approaching options.

  • Oh :poop: Mario at C tier. Best frame data (or close to), strong smash with low lag, among the best combo game in the whole cast, decent projectile and Side B and Down B to mess up most recoveries in the game. So you think these attributes make a character low-mid tier?

  • Ike has crazy combos with NAir. B tier at minimum.

  • Captain Falcon should be higher too.

  • Sonic has the best defensive game due to its speed. High Tier.

  • SNAKE AS LOW TIER? WHO THE HECK DID THAT??? One of – if the the – best zoner in the game with broken Up Tilt.

  • You really sure the Puff is better than the should-be-low-tier Robin?

  • Defenetly NO WAY GANONDORF is a whole tier than BOWSER! Bowser is the best Grappler and best Heavy in the game. Good Edge Guard with FAir, crazy good Pivot grab, heavyset character in the game with Tough Guy, excellent 2-frames options and Up B out of shield and more importantly, absurd speed for its weight. Ganondorf is straight up lower mid tier.

  • Way too harsh on Yoshi. Double Jump super armour and simple but devastating combos and crazy air mobility. Plus, cannot be shield poke.

  • Come on! Toon Link the worst character in the game? That should be Little Mac! Toon Link is underrated AF, should Mid Tier.

  • OMG, Wii-Fit trainer does straight up more damages than Ganondorf after Deep Breath and has super good projectiles with neutral B and side B. High Tier.

  • Byleth is high tier in my opinion. Or al test upper mid tier.

  • OMFG Wold as a Mid tier? This has been the most consitent top tier in the game so far and constantly show great results everywhere. Basic fundamental and great strength, probably one of the best character for beginners.

  • DD Kong low tier, that is a bit harsh. Mid Tier.

  • Sadly, Zelda is probably not A tier. Upper B at best because of all the rushdown in the meta.

  • What the heck is “S W/ Training”?

  • Falco is not A Tier, its B.


How dare you diss my main

this could def be optimized since i did it really quickly but heres my opinion in 9.0.2
edit: dk in mid

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Why must everyone diss my main

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Way better, although that person is way to harsh on Zelda and a maybe a bit too generous on G&W. I think Peach and Daisy are better than G&W. I’m surprised to see bowser junior and piranha plant so high. I also think Terry is better than that. Lastly, Bayo’s placement is arguable.