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Stuck with Orion


So I had the whole ‘hi, I talk to rocks, I’m secretly crazy but not really’ conversation with Orion, and we both walked down to the field to battle, and now I’m totally trapped. If I hit ‘confirm’ (mapped to z on my machine, if it matters), the game freezes up and eventually crashes. If I hit any other button, nothing happens. What’s up? Am I screwed?


There are instruction for loading backup saves here.


That’s great, and it got me out of the immediate problem, but it just happens all over again when I talk to him and he leads me down to the field.


If you don’t have Internet the game freezes in gym battles, perhaps that’s the problem?


Huh. Well, alright. That’s… interesting.


So I just decided to get my other saves from my last playthrough, and now, after beating, uh, a pretty big battle, the game does this same freezing nonsense again. I know how to get my backups, so it’s no big deal, but honestly, I want to actually progress the postgame. What I’m asking for is a fix to progress the game, not just ‘how do I get the game up and running’. I know how to fix the immediate problem. I have save backups. I want the game to progress after this battle. How do I fix this? As far as I can tell, because I’m posting this question on the forum, I’m connected to the internet, so that’s probably not the issue here.


Disconnect from the internet, try again.


Alright. Will report back with results, I s’pose.


Alright, that worked. Thanks!