Stuck on Jade Tower fighting Yaern and Rayquaza

Hi all,

I’m currently stuck on Jade tower. I’ve come all the way up to the roof of Jade Tower to fight Yaern. Sadly, his Mega Rayquaza completely destroys my team with only one hit landing. As I’m defeated, I get transported slightly back towards an Chansey that heals my team. Damian is blocking the stairs down to train my team any further, leaving me completely stuck.

Does anyone know how to get out of this situation?


Here is a guide a random internet stranger in which I may not be related to made here:

if u have d gardevoir, give it a focus sash. any ice move should ohko rayquaza. if u dont have it, delta ralts can be found in a cottage on route 4 at level 15

Oh wait…oops. Show us your team please.

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it gets ice beam at level 32 as a ralts, 36 as a kirlia, and level 40 as a gardevoir. focus sashes can be bought at the helios department store in helios city for 200 dollars

I have a lvl 43 delta Gallade, lvl 50 haxorus, lvl 52 espeon, lvl 50 delta scyter, lvl 43 starmie and lvl 43 rapidash

But at this moment it’s just not enough. I get destroyed… I can land maybe one ice beam with gallade before he completely oneshots my team. And there is no way I can leave the roof since Damian is blocking the stairs and I keep being reset at the Chansey on the roof left of Damian blocking the stairs.

get everyone to level 50 using the level trainer. d gallade should be running a physical set, as its attack stat is almost double its special attack. u should have ice punch at this point, so use that, which should beat the rayquaza if ur level 50.

also give it a sash so u can always live a hit and attack back

I know, if I would be able. But as said… I’m stuck on that roof. Can’t leave it!
Stairs blocked, my team too weak. Don’t have fly, escape rope doesn’t work, cant go down the stairs. Dont have focus stash…
The only way out would be to beat him, which I’ve failed 36 times now xD

maybe just let ur team faint so u go back to the pokemon center and try the whole thing again?

Doesn’t work. There’s a Chansey, just before fighting Jaern and if I get defeated I’m transported to that Chansey to get healed, leaving me on the roof

Ice Beam on GALLADE? Change that to Ice Punch or Icicle CRash.

oh oof. i can trade u a mon holding a sash if u want

or if theres anything else u need

Switch to easy mode for this battle

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guys they’re softlocked…

@nhg93 unfortunately you will have to load a backup, if you can’t beat him

heres a guide

Nah he can trade iirc

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so if u want i could get u a mon u could use to beat jaern

might be softlocked, maybe get someone to trade you a good delta gardevoir or something idk