Stuck in a force battle at Dragon Ruins

So… yeah you can probably guess what’s happening by the title. So here’s the story. I was battling Taen at the Dragon Ruins when he was trying to revive the Original Dragon (spoiler if you don’t know what I am taking about) and enter battle and yeah I got destroy but, Nora’s pokemon was still alive so I was still in battle even though my pokemon fainted. And then the script error making the game crash. Re-enter the game and well, it saved when I enter the battle but, here’s the problem. When you faint and it autosave during script error your pokemon will remain fainted, so there I am because it auto save for me when enter battle and there’s nothing I can do to stop and yeah I was forced to enter a battle with fainted pokemon in my entire team and then the game crash because I entered the battle with fainted pokemon. And whenever I load that save file the same thing would happen again. So HOW DO I FIX THIS STUPID BUG OR CAN YOU PATCH IT UP. Please?

Maybe try loading one of your backup saves?

1a) Mac: Go to your Pokemon Insurgence application, right click and select "Show Package Contents. Then go to Users>Wineskin>Saved Games>Pokemon Insurgence

1b) Windows: Go to Users>[your username]>Saved Games>Pokemon Insurgence

  1. There should be a file named “Game.rxdata”, and then 3 other “backups”. “Game.rxdata” is your current save, the other 3 are the 3 saves you made before the current one. Take the current “Game.rxdata” file, put it on your desktop (Not a shortcut, or a copy of the file - move the actual file.)

  2. Rename “Save_0_Backup_1.rxdata” to “Game.rxdata”, making your previous save (likely the save before you started battling) your current save game

  3. Start up Pokemon Insurgence

  4. Report back what happens

If this works, stop using autosave. It sounds convenient but it really causes more problems than its worth.

I didn’t use auto save it auto save for me when the script crash when I didn’t ask for it

Yeah it saves upon crashing regardless of autosave settings. Did it work though?

It WORK!!! Yes finally I can play. Thank you so much for helping out, but one question what do I do to the Game.rxdata you told me to take out from the file?

You can keep it if you like, but it doesn’t serve much of a broken due to it being stuck. I’d suggest deleting it because it just takes up space.

Yeah what @Dechozen101said. All that file contains now is the save state data for loading into the situation you were stuck in, deleting it will cost you nothing.