Cleanse Tag

After obtaining the cleanse tag in the place (you all know where; its why you’re here after all) if you sold it; there is absolutely no way other than trade to obtain another one. If you sold it in one of the past three (i believe three) saves, then there is a way to go back to one of those previous saves and re-obtain it. The way to do so is on this thread: Stuck in a force battle at Dragon Ruins If you have saved more than trice after that then, well, good luck finding someone who can give it to you. I have another PC with insurgence on it, barely played, and i’m willing to go obtain the cleanse tag and trade it under the condition that you train a Pokemon of mine to level 120. If you train this Pokemon (delta Volcorona) to level 120, and keep its Bold nature, and keep it with the ability Levitate, then I will reward you with the cleanse tag. Message me by clicking on my name if you are interested in this deal, not comment below unless something needs to be clarified