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Starting with Eevee

Hello guys, I just downloaded the game and searched for some info here to choose my starter. As far as i got, Eevee looks like a very interesting choice with that M-evolution and because ppl said that it is very hard to get one as the game proceeds. But i have a question, i can ony mea evolve eevee, right? how can i train it and avoid it “suddenly” evolving into Umbreon or Espeon?

Thank you for the attention

Press ESC when it tries to evolve normally until you get the Mega Stone in the Perfection Cult Base. However, Eevee is extremely weak on its own without mega-evolution, so you may want to get other pokemon like Haxxorus to help you proceed through the game until you get the mega stone.

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Huum nice. Would you reccomend starting with eevee? Does it take too long to receive the mega stone?

Get an Adaptability Eevee, and it’s Normal-Type attacks help it to a certain extent. I would highly recommend getting Eevee, as it’s not too long until Mega Stone and afterwards it’s a straight beast.

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what would happen in the post game tho? you know when prof give you the other pokemon in the post game. would you still get it. never used eevee myself

She’ll let you choose what starter to get out of the 3.

But in post gaem when you meet Damian somewhere in the dreamworld he give you Shaymin and one of the starter Pokemon so for example Delta Venusaur = getting Shaymin + Delta Squirtle Delta Charizard = getting Shaymin + Delta Bulbasaur Delta Blastoise = getting Shaymin + Delta Charmander what what does eevee get you ??

Absolutely nothing.

I chose Eevee and I haven’t reached the post-game, but if I reach it, will I get 2 Delta starters? (This means choosing one from Sylvan when I beat her and the one from Damian) If it’s true, how can I get the third one? For example: I got both Delta Bulbasaur and Delta Squirtle, and I think I can’t get Delta Charmander beacuse I chose Eevee. I know this post is quite old but please reply!

Nevermind! I’ll get 2… cri

I suggest that you do not get Eevee. In the beginning, it will be a challenge to even get near the Pokemon School. As I’ve tried this before, you should pick the Delta Bulbasaur because it’ll help you get through at least 3 gyms very easily. You should have a backup fire-type pokemon, though, because it’s a pain in the neck to get past some trainers with Bulbasaur!

The only way to get the third starter is getting it traded from someone. If you’re looking for the third, the discord channel is probably the best way to ask for one (the forums aren’t that active anymore).

Also would be very appreciated if you didn’t comment on old posts next time.

I started with eevee, its mega sounds cool, what should I get early game to cover for its…err, weakness.

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You can press ‘X’ or ‘ESC’ whenever it attempts to evolve or give it an Everstone which can be held by Ragnonrola.

I, however, wouldn’t recommend keeping the starter Eevee in your team for the entire storyline up until you obtain the Mega Stone because being a first stage Pokemon it’s rather weak to the extent that it becomes inefficient quite fast.
You’d be better off leaving it with the daycare as Youtuber TyranitarTube did.

It’s also NOT hard to get Eevee without starting with it.
You can get them in friend safaris or can breed them using Flareon that can be found in the Safari Zone.