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Henlo my friend, I’m just a spanish chilean gurl that loves Pokémon a lot and has Asperger syndrome. I like to help on the forums and share game tips a lot, so ask me if any of you need something. I also like Touhou, memes and other stuff. I’m PrimalMagikarp1234 in Showdown if you want to search meh. (I may also change Showdown names, such as Maid Amai, aTalkingSpoon, (Variant: BeastMotherSpoon) DerpyKitten, Popstar✯Loli, etc. More names coming soon!) If I don’t reply to a Showdown message, that means I’m busy.

Save 1 name: Hourai
Save 2 name: Goldie (Save file not made yet)
Save 3 name: TBA