Starters mega stones

Trading Name: Silver

Offer:Don’t have much of anything

Request: I am just curious if anyone is thinking of restarting/quitting with Charmander or Squirtle as there starter as I want their mega stones

Further info:

I don’t even need the starters getting the starters are easy it’s acquiring the stones that is the problem(can’t breed delta’s,time consuming etc.

When you have nothing trade and are still sitting there just hoping someone will give you what you want anyway to save time

It takes a good bit of time to get a starter Mega Stone. I can sell you any one for 4 IV stones. You should be able to get those by farming Pokepon/Rock Smash.

when you finally have a way and can’t find the one pokemon that learns a fighting type move

Dude tons of pokemon can learn fighting type moves.

true but in the beginning of the game there is only the nidoran twins (and squirtle if you chose it)

“beginning of the game” "megastones" you know that you can’t mega evolve until Helios City right?

Sup~ Which mega stone are you looking for? Msg me on discord via: Kuraido777 #9272

If you meant for them to DM you rather than messaging you on the #trades_battles channel or at least #general channel on discord,

[quote] There shall be no trading over PMs either here or on discord. This includes offers, fixing a time for trade, and anything else related to trading. Complete your trades in general chat on Discord, or in the comments on the Forum. [/quote]It’s the first rule.

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