Spooky Scary δPokemon (Halloween Remix)

It’s that time of year, or so I’ve been informed. The time of year when we all gather around a tree, sing carols, and exchange pres- no, no, wait, that’s Christmas. What do we do for Halloween? Candy? ANYway. It was pointed out to me recently that I’ve been… somewhat affected by the festive spirit, my δ Pokemon leaning towards the spookier end of the spectrum. So here’s a gaggle of ghastly ghouls, starting some Eldritch Bird Creatures.

δTaillow, the Nightwatcher Pokemon. A Dark/Ghost type, it takes residence in dark forests, flitting through the trees at night. It enjoys pranks, such as letting its flowing tails drape from a branch, startling passerby as its slick texture brushes against their face. It then flies away before it can be spotted, leaving the passerby to wonder if they imagined it. Its abilities are Keen Eye and Compound Eyes, with a Hidden Ability of Intimidate.
Next is δSwellow, also the Nightwatcher Pokemon, and Dark/Ghost. Despite looking like hellspawn, δSwellow uses its frightful visage for good. The eyes on its wings emit a soft glow at night, which it uses to create the illusion of several watchful predators in the dark, thus scaring its ward towards safety. It shares its abilities with δTaillow.

Next is a recreation of an older concept of mine, given a modern glow-up.
δShinx is a pure Poison type known as the Scorpio Pokemon. It’s known for being quite confident in its skills, despite its… less-than-impressive stature. It takes great pride in its mohawk, much like anyone would. Its abilities are Poison Point, Poison Touch, and it has a Hidden Ability of Sheer Force.
δLuxio, also known as the Scorpio Pokemon, is a Poison/Dark type. It shares δShinx’s overconfident attitude, even in its own pride. A δLuxio’s standing is directly related to the length of its wing stubs. The larger its wing nubs are, the more developed it is, the closer it is to its final evolution. It shares its abilities with δShinx.
And finally, δLuxray, better known as the Manticore Pokemon, is a Poison/Dark type. Now that its wings have fully grown, it has reverted back to taking great pride in its mohawk. However, it is not above taking a swipe to the mohawk to gain an advantage in battles. Its abilities have become Sheer Force, Poison Touch, and Levitate, with Sheer Force replacing Poison Point.

Hoo boy that’s a lotta poison. Next is an evolution to the δSpritzee first seen here. Introducing δAromatisse.
DeltaAroma DrkFryDeltaAromaShiny
δAromatisse is a Dark type known as the Goblin Pokemon. It, much like its pre-evolution, is a goblin here to cause problems. Only now it’s a Larger Goblin here to cause Larger Problems. Its ability is Pickpocket, with a hidden ability of Stench.
Oh and here’s δSpritzee in case you forgot about it, with a new shiny.
DeltaSpritz DrkFryDeltaSpritzShiny
These next ones I… I can’t explain. Sometimes I just let the Lovecraftian horrors take the wheel.
DeltaMantine MyNightmaresDeltaUrsa idk
I’d love to tell you more about these two, but unfortunately any time I try to think about them I get a nosebleed and pass out. Funky, huh?

And now, as a little Palette Cleanser, have a δSunflora, based on… hold up lemme Gogle something real quick… Planetary Ring Systems.
DeltaSunflora RckIceDeltaSunfloraShiny
δSunflora is the Ring Pokemon. A Rock/Ice type, it’s something of a ring fanatic. It likes hollow circles. Once, a scientist introduced an image of a series of Concentric Circles, better known as a Target, to a δSunflora. His body was never recovered. Fortunately, δSunflora lives in space, on asteroid belts, so it doesn’t have to deal with the idea of concentric circles very frequently. Its ability is Sturdy, with a Hidden Ability of Shield Dust.

That’ll be all for now. Have a Happy Halloween, and try not to eat yourself sick. Boro Out!


…You actually turned Ursaring into a Cthulhu. Wow.
Also, let’s just pray Delta Sunflora never discovers the store Target. Or Saturn for that matter.
Anyway, excellent job on these Deltas. Your work never ceases to be amazing.

Awesome as always Represents the month nicely :slight_smile: Great!