Specialty breeder

They should add a specialty breeder who can breed deltas and legendaries. So that people can make their perfect EV teams and stuff including these pokemon. I understand this would be ridiculous so you could make it more balanced by making it cost like $1000000 and can only do it once per species.

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Hi Munners,

At this point you can make your Pokemon perfect by using IV stones (which you can get by Rock Smashing in caves) and EV train them with the EV trainer in your secret base or certain Friend Safaris in my earlier post:
Friend Safari EV Training Spots

There is also a possiblity that Delta breeding will be implemented in the 1.2 update.

You shouldn’t expect Legendary breeding to be a thing that will come to Insurgence, as it has never been a part of the game, except for Manaphy who gives you Phione Eggs.

I’m well aware on what you just said. IVs are easy to deal with but to get a perfect pokemon they need to have max EVs from level 1. and you can’t catch any legendaries at level 1. And to be fair there are lots of things that are in insurgence/will come to insurgence that have never been a part of the game. there are multiple features in this that seem to be dedicated to making perfect teams so it only makes sense to have a legendary breeder or something imo

EVs do not have to be trained from Level 1, as they influence the stat at whatever level your Pokemon is. So it doesn’t matter

The EV resetter, EV-reducing berries and the EV trainer are there for a reason.

As for your comment:
Q. Does it matter what level I EV train a Pokemon at?
A. Not unless the Pokemon already has any EVs or is at level 100. Otherwise you can EV train a Pokemon at any evolution at any level and it won’t have any ultimate difference. (Level 120 in Insurgence)

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I thought that was IVs?

If you change the IV stat by using an IV stone, the stat will drastically change upon Leveling up to the next level, so that would be same as for EVs.

I thought i read that that was only the case for IVs

Ok nvm bro my bad, i just did some research, you were right.

No problem, research is what I did as well to confirm those statements.

FYI even if you EV train a Pokemon at max level, you can still ‘fix’ its stats by forcing the game to recalculate its stats (for example, by giving it a vitamin or EV-reducing berries). Leveling up is just one instance where the game recalculate a Pokemon stats.

Note: in the case of giving a vitamin, the Pokemon must consume the vitamin to trigger the stats recalculation (in other words, the game won’t trigger the recalculation if you give vitamin to a stat which EV >= 100 or is already fully EV-trained).

In some games (i.e. BW and BW2), even storing a Pokemon in PC would force the game to recalculate, although its not the case with Insurgance (just tested this).

Oke! That part was just a copy paste from a FAQ post from an EV Training forum. I haven’t tested it, so thank you for that.