Friend Safari EV Training Spots

Here are the recommended Friend Safaris for EV-training:
These are options you can use, you can always choose to use the EV-trainer in your Secret Base!

(Repost from the old Reddit)



Pokemon: Plusle (1EV), Pikachu (2EV) and Electabuzz (2EV).

Nurse: Available! Be aware of static!

Mart: Available!



Pokemon: Minun (1EV), Pikachu (2EV) and Electabuzz (2EV).

Nurse: Not available! Be aware of static!

Mart: Not available!

Be aware: Puzzle!



Pokemon: Gurdurr (2EV), Sawk (2EV) and Pignite (2EV).

Nurse: Available!

Mart: Available!

Be aware: Sturdy Sawk



Pokemon: Machoke (2EV), Sawk (2EV) and Riolu (1EV).

Nurse: Available!

Mart: Available!

Be aware: Sturdy Sawk and Riolu with Endure! (could be inefficient)



Pokemon: Nidorino (2EV), Spinarak (1EV) and Croagunk (1EV).

Nurse: Available! Be aware of Poison Point!

Mart: Not available!



Pokemon: Tyrogue (1EV), Mienfoo (1EV) and Riolu (1EV).

Nurse: Available!

Mart: Available!

Be aware: Fake Out, Detect and Endure! (could be inefficient)



Pokemon: Braizen (2EV), Magmar (2EV) and Lampent (2EV).

Nurse: Not available!

Mart: Not available!



Pokemon: Klang (2EV), Metang (2EV) and Durant (2EV).

Nurse: Available!

Mart: Not available!



Pokemon: Lairon (2EV), Graveler (2EV) and Shieldon (1EV).

Nurse: Available! (at entrance)

Mart: Not available!



Pokemon: Skrelp (1EV), Sliggoo (2EV) and Shelgon (2 Def EV).

Nurse: Not available!

Mart: Not available!


Pokemon: Floette (2EV), Mr. Mime (2EV) and Carbink (1Def/1SpD EV).

Nurse: Not available!

Mart: Not available!


Level Trainer

Pokemon: Audino (2EV)

In your own Secret Base!

If there are alternative suggestions for EV-training Friend Safari, please comment them down below!
I will check the suggestions and update this post when needed!

Note: Pokemon shown in italic text do not provide EV’s for that category.


##Defence Pokemon:weedle (1EV) whirlipede (2 EV) Nurse:avaliable Mart:avaliable

Hi Mister.pokemon,

I checked Bulbapedia for the first two Pokemon in your Friend Safari, but Weedle gives 1 SPEED EV and no DEFENSE EV. As well as I would need your third Pokemon which I would have checked if the first two were fitting the given EV, but it does not. Besides that fact you did not give in the username of the Friend Safari.

Even still, thanks for your reaction at this post.

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my name in game is Tempor and i have ev training spot for SPECIAL SWEEPERS you just got to buy POWER LENS AND POWER ANKLET and it will make my NUMEL(1 SP.ATK EV) and DIGLETT(1 SPD EV) give you each 5 ev’s NOTE: I HAVE A DIALGA AND I AM IN RANDOMIZER CHALLENGE

Hello Tempestium,

Someone should check your secret base for your 3rd Pokemon, but the first two do not make a good EV training spot as Numel and Diglett give two different kind of EVs.

For Sp.Attk you should visit pkaz18 (All perfect EV gains)
For Speed you should visit SkyMara, which is my base (All pefect EV gains)

Thanks for you reply, but your base is not a good EV training spot.

i just suggested for trainers for 1 sp.atk and 1 spd ev training grounds if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

By the way, Croagunk in Trelorockas’ base can have dry skin.

If you need another Defense EV Training Friend Safari:


Bronzor (1 EV) Skarmory (2 EV) Lairon (2 EV)

PS: Be very aware of Sturdy ok?

Thanks for the addition:


SaviousFaythe Pokemon: Bronzor (1 EV), Skarmory (2 EV) and Lairon (2 EV) Nurse: Available! Mart: Available! Be aware: Sturdy! (could be inefficient)

My secret base has two Pokemon that are useful for Speed EVs. If someone could check what the third Pokemon is, I would really appreciate it!


Emolga (2 EV) and Tailow (1 EV)

I have every type of function(Nurse, EV Trainer, etc.) and the Emolga’s can have Static.

Your third slot pokemon is dragoniar.

pkaz18 base isnt available

Can I have safaris which contain Pokemons with only 1 EV gain please. I know, this sounds weird, but I want to have control over my non-252 EVs (I will still use these for 252).

This Is VERY Late. But, if anybody is looking for an HP/ATK base I have one, my base has Herdier
(2ATK EVs), Kangaskhan (2HP EVs), and Bouffalant (2ATK EVs) there aren’t any hazards and I have a Mart and a Nurse

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sorry for being so late, just discovered this amazing game now haha
i just know one pokemon in my safari base “Maractus (Sp. atk 2EV)”
name NixolsS, i just have a nurse by now, maybe have more when somebody enter haha

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Fun fact @NicholasChucre, your 2nd poke is Ivysaur! It yields 1 EV in both Sp. Atk and Sp. Def

Edit: Got to Pokemon League and remembered this. Your 3rd pokemon is Swadloon, which sadly yields 2 Def EVs. This means it is no longer efficient after the 8th gym


thanks, i really dont have too much time to play so i should take a long time to discover that <3

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