Sonata Tracks Scouting

Hi! I’m addicted to the Sonata Tracks minigame and I blame the devs of this amazing game! But I do have a suggestion:

I only ever really play one of the tracks (Golden Sands) because that’s the one I can consistently win in. I don’t want to experiment with the other tracks because then I would lose sponsorship rating when I lose. So what if we were able to, with our trainer, walk around in the different tracks and scout out the best route, without the risk of losing sponsorships? Hopefully that wouldn’t be incredibly difficult to implement, seeing as the areas are already designed and programmed with collision. I just think it would incentivise some more experimentation!

Thanks for reading!

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Just save before starting the race and reload to that save point afterwards.

What A_Wild_Noob said is a valid option, plus I might direct you to this article: Money Farming, 2nd method, in case you wanted to try the Ice Path!

I use this path in the rocky road race. I have gotten it under 40 seconds several times and twice at 37 seconds.

Edit: made it in 36 seconds.