Since im new. I cant reply right now. Name=Vihaan

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Well if I cant trade, then can I tell something? If you try to transfer your mew in a wonder trade, you will get a new kind of mew- Space Mew! And Mew goes back into your PC
@Derpysaga Sure, which one would you like? I have a delta golem up for offer if u need one, and I can give away my thunderus too! Ok, are you on? Lets trade. What is your name in game? @Derpysaga Oops. Dont have delta golem in party. Got it. Your welcome! The real reason I had that was bcus sum1 sent me a delta graveler with everstone XD I gto a delta golem out of the WitchDoctor person. Hey @b0nked22 did you get the space mew? Just asking. Oh THANK GOD!

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Oh cool!

Vast, can i get a pokemon > thunderus, shiny or delta ???!?!. Edit your above where you orginally posted to talk?

Idk They are all so good. i guess delta golem… Derpysaga is my name @VastExpanse
Ok! tell me when done thxs alot @VastExpanse

I did!

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