It’s my birthday!

Trading Name: b0nked22

Offer: anything I have

Request: a shiny

Further info:it’s my birthday and I’m stuck at home alone, and I really want a shiny. If anyone has a spare one it’d make my day! Thanks for taking time to read this.

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I have a shiny Deino.
You can give whatever, Happy Birthday!

My name is Vihaan in game.
Whats yours?

I have a shiny Dieno already from the in game giveaway! So thanks but I don’t wanna take your shiny dieno if I already have one (that’d be rude)!

Oh its ok.
I dont have any other shinys, but I do have a lot of deltas, if you want?

If you want I could give my delta Golem?

Aw thanks man! Do you have a delta greninja?

Dude. I wish I did XD

You get it in the postgame I think

Oh. I havent even beaten the elite 4 yet. I havent even gotten to the champion XD.

It’s really hard! I just beat it yesterday.

Did you get thundurus? I can give mine if you want?

I already have him, thank you for replying tho! Knowing there’s good people out there made my day in itself!

Ur welcome. But I rly dont need my delta golem, and if youu dont have one, I could give if you want?

I think I have all the pre elite four deltas :slight_smile:

Aw. Well ok!

Yeah, I love catching them

O.O thunderus,??? Delta pokemon shinies ? please @VastExpanse!!

They’re not shiny bruh

i meant youre trading thuderus, deltas and shines