Shiny starter hunting

I was just about to start shiny hunting for a delta shiny charmander and I was wondering if I needed to go into the battle with Damian to see if it’s a shiny or if I could just soft reset with I see the overworld sprite (if you could provide a picture as evidence that would be nice but you don’t have too :slight_smile:

Shiny overworld sprites are a thing, but are unsure if it appears shiny in the overworld, sorry.

The overworld sprites will appear as non shiny pokemon, you will have to go into battle if is not a shiny pokemon softreset until its a shiny. Once you catch the pokemon as a shiny its overworld sprite will appear as shiny.

If you want to see a video about it

search " adrive pokemon insurgence shiny"

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Thank you very much this will make me feel much more confident going for the shiny