Shiny starter sprite

I was wondering if the shiny would appear right before the damien starter fight as the sprite that follows you. Does it show as a following sprite or do i have to enter the battle to see if the starter is shiny?

Unfortunately no. It won’t appear as a Shiny in the Overworld until after the Damien battle. At least, according to this post:

actually yes they will, because the follower sprite is ur pokemon. You can wait to go into battle first but it is technically not necessary.

Proof in case you need it:

(also just as a warning, insurgence has 1/4096 base odds, so i’d recommend waiting until postgame to masuda breed with a delta ditto for easier odds)

But that’s after the fight. Does it appears Shiny as soon as you get it?

I think it does

Well, my source lied to me then. I’ve never actually Shiny hunted the starters at the beginning of the game before; I just wait and do the Masuda Method.

I’ve been attempting to shiny hunt the starter bulbasaur just for the sake of a shiny playthrough. I will say this: The gender is reflected in the overworld sprite accurately, so the game is taking into account the mon itself after it is generated in the party. I’ve heard conflicting messages on whether it actually shows shiny, and I haven’t seen it myself yet, so I cannot actually confirm or deny one way or the other. I’m pretty sure that you should be able to see it in the follower sprite before you fight Damian. That post you referenced is from a year ago and the aDrive video it links is from 2 years ago. I watched it and there wasn’t even a follower sprite before the battle, so I’d question that source’s validity in today’s standings.

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Fair point. It would make sense that it shows up Shiny, but I wouldn’t know.

It will show up as shiny. I know since I have a full odds shiny delta charmander, now Charizard.
Also ik you didn’t ask for this but if you shiny hunt a trade mon, it will show up on the trade screen

yes, i can confirm that it does (also lol if u do end up hunting gl w that)

Sorry about that @Steelman2004 , my info was outdated.

@thePotato and @Boggaspotatoe are right about the sprite showing if the starter pokemon is shiny as soon as you get it.


Ah. Alright. Good to know.