Shiny Hunting

Trading Name: stances

Offer: Shiny hunting service for friend safari pokemon. So i hunt for the pokemon you request and the nature you want. Pay me when i get the pokemon you request. Prefer making trades on the discord since it is so much easier can always ping me over there.

Request: Request 25 iv stones or shiny pokemon and 10 iv stones. If you have a shiny delta starter will hunt you 3 shiny pokemon for it. Will offer 2 shiny hunts for bred shinys with eggmoves.

Further info: Back at hunting i guess starting off with a hunt for Dechozen for a shiny Fletchinder that we discused on discord. Can always ask if you have any questions / make alternate offers. Can always ping me on the discord and will try and get back to you if im not on at the moment. Nikname was changed to steph over there but if you just type stances it will pull me up.


Can I get a shiny Quilava (timid) for a shiny Houndour and 10 stones?

Ok will work on it after i finish dechozens hunt.

just finished Dechos hunt now working on cows.

Can I get a male shiny Aegislash line? I had hit you up on your last post forever ago! It was a Shiny Binacle and Shiny Spiritomb with megastone.

I don’t have 25 stones nor a shiny I feel like giving away, but just wanna make a reservation for a shiny jolly magikarp

I’ve got a shiny panpour and I’ll pay 10 IV stones, I’d like a timid larvesta: friend safari tk

im just starting i would like a shiny haunter low level and what would you like so i can work for the stuff

does a shiny non-delta starter count as any other regular shiny mon?

What you mean like squirtels and stuff ya they regular only reson i value delta starters higher is cause i dont want to soft reset and go through dialouge for them

Shiny and 10 iv stones or 25 iv stones

Ight can hunt this at same time as cows quilava since was hunting a FS with it hoping to get one for myself lol

Will get on hunting that i do recall that kind of. For hunting it i might hunt by nature depending on what pokemon are in fs with it what nature would you want if i end up hunting by nature instead of the gender ability thing would still be male

Reservation? Dont plan on starting peoples hunts unless they have the offer to pay me when i get the pokemon. I think decho is only person at this point i would start a hunt for without having the whole offer just cause he has bought so many and i know he is going to get the stones.

Hey, just realized I don’t have my panpour anymore, would a shiny swablu be a replacement? (still paying those stones.)

i have your larvesta already also. and i guess it works


alright hopfully i will finish trying to get this quilava tommarow and be onto honedge the next day. Fucked up and didnt put my synchro in front of party so now have a nieve quilava lol

bump still working on cows request the weekened was kind of busy with irish festival so didnt hunt as much as i would have liked to

bump unfourtonatly still same progress keep getting gay larvestas