Shiny hub 2.0

So, the last Shiny Trading hub I made got closed, and this place seems dead which is sad, so I wanna try and revive it. If you have shinies that you wanna offer for something else or if you’re looking for a specific shiny, post it here. This’ll be like the GTS in ways. I’ll start by offering a Shiny Delta Seedot for something.


Here’s what I have available for trade at the moment

This is what I’ve got to trade

Would you possibly be interested in any of the ones I posted in exchange for the probopass?

I’d like to trade multiple regular shinies for one good-natured delta shiny, ideally D. Volcarona, D. Typhlosion, D. Roserade or D. Electivire. These are my offers:

Yeah, how does the ivysaur sound for it?

I have Shiny Delta Avalugg. All I need is a delta Phantump or delta trevanent

Certainly works for me! I won’t be able to hop on for a little while, but you can hit me up either here or on discord with whenever will work for you

Any particulars you’re looking for with the delta phantump/trevanant? Only thing I can’t do is get it to know ice shard

I don’t care, I just need it for the dex

no prob, I’ll be able to get it to you later if there’s a good time that works for you.

How about 3:30 Central Time??

yeah should work out fine for me!

I’m ready when you are

cool I’ll hop onto dexnav now my trade name is same as on here


thanks man! If you need anything else, let me know!

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Ay, sorry for late response but I should be free anytime for the next 5 hours

no problemo, I’m available now as well, so whenever you wish to make it happen!

cool cool, I’m ready now if you are. ign is Sodaboijones